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PrimNomics – The First Division
October 8, 2014 JC Collins

Fragmentation in Pursuit of Self-Preservation

By JC Collins

“He is led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.”

Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776

On March 9, 1776, the book titled The Wealth of Nations, a compilation of economic essays by Adam Smith, was published. This was in the early days of the American War for Independence and the air was full of hope and transformation. On May 1 of the same year the secret society known as the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt. And later that year, in December, Thomas Paine writes the now famous line in which in which he states:

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

When we reflect from our vantage point today do we find that the times are any different? The souls of men are still being challenged and invisible hands still appear to be guiding events in the direction that the majority do not wish to be moving. Secret societies are still in the background manipulating the disorganized masses, as can be attested too by the overwhelming masonic symbolism in our socioeconomic environment, and the world stands on the cusp of a constant revolution. A revolution which never seems to materialize.

When one trends the revolutions and cultural transitions which have taken place over the last few thousand years a clear pattern emerges. This pattern tells of a process by which specific segments of the old are incorporated into the new for the purpose of conscious familiarity. Whether its economics, cultural mandates, religious dogma, or social structure, what once was is now new and all things appear as sporadic and natural progressions.

Theories on how to organize mass populations range from ideological black holes like communism and democracy, to socioeconomic outgrowths which vary little in constitution and conceptualization. When we think on how the human race is likely to have evolved from a source of one, one being the conscious absolute from which matter materializes, or infinity possibility, we can begin to see a pattern of division take hold and devolve outward while evolving inward from the vertex, or point where geometric shapes intersect.

VertexThis division, which we can also call fragmentation, is what separates matter into subsequent and compartmentalized structures, such as geometric shapes, which consolidate to become cells, minerals, soil, rock, trees, birds, mammals, clouds, and all the other varied fragments of consciousness which make up the world of physical existence.

Nations, as they are perceived today, are only the simulation of the tribal grouping from which humanity attempts to consolidate its conscious manifestations. One of the constants which we can independently verify in reality is the relentless pressure to consolidate. Opposite of this pressure exists a pushing type force which is attempting to repel geometric shapes and ensure that the material world does not completely consolidate or return to its structure of oneness, being the state of infinity possibility.

We see this diametric of pulling and pushing acted out in the music of the spheres, or the position and movements of the bodies in our solar system. The sun, the only object in the solar system which doesn’t cast a shadow, can be considered the first movement away from infinity possibility.

Infinity possibility is best imagined as a blank sheet of white paper. This paper represents all of existence, or consciousness, before the first particle of matter is materialized. Within this white sheet of paper all things are possible as nothing has been defined or confined within the limitations of structure.

Now imagine a black dot, or cube if you so desire, has appeared in the middle of the paper. This dot or cube represents limited possibility, the opposite of infinity possibility. This dot can be considered the vertex, or point where all geometric shapes will intersect.

It is interesting to consider that another word for vertex is crown, and by extension the word head as well. A crown is worn upon a head as the king or queen would do, and there is a crown around the sun. The sun is obviously the god of the pagan world and represents the never ending moment just before the dot appears, which is the moment of creation, or the manifestation of limited possibility.

So in essence, the king or queen represents the sun, or moment of continuous creation as manifested through infinity possibility, and acts as the hinge, or vertex from which the possible and impossible, outward and inward, swirl together in limited potential.

The concept of nation therefor, is the simulation or re-enactment of the oneness which existed just before the dot or cube appeared. The solar system, which could be considered a macro nation of sorts, is the perfect example of the balance of opposing forces which is required to maintain a structured reality.

The socioeconomic structure which man has developed does not consider this duality, and the structure which gives shape to reality, the geometric shapes which remain shadowed, are not recognized or considered by the minds which conform to the manifested patterns.

With a lack of understanding in regards to this balance, both ends of the spectrum pull and push harder which serves to stretch the vertex, or point where micro and macro intersect. This stretching creates a corruption of the overall structure.

Let’s take another look at the concept of the nation as defined in the works of Adam Smith. Nation, a gathering of human sameness, is the meshing of ideological mandates and socioeconomic determinations, which intersect at a vertex and create a sort of social trust, or social capital.

Economics, which Smith predominately wrote about, is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of wealth in human society, the social trust. Wealth can be defined as the vertex where human time and labor intersect. So economics, being the wealth of the social trust, acts as a vertex where micro and macro meet.

It is this social trust which has been betrayed by man himself. Like the stretching of the vertex above, man attains to both macro and micro aspirations. A system of social trust is established but quickly becomes corrupt as the imbalance in the vertex is amplified.

Wealth, the time and labor of humanity, is the direct cause and effect of the subconscious instinct for self-preservation. Otherwise considered to be the survival instinct. As consciousness becomes further fragmented in the physical world, this instinct for self-preservation also becomes fragmented and the social trust is divided into multiples of corruption.

Considering that economics is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of human time and labor, it is important that we recognize the negative summation of production from the point of origin. What this means is that our wealth, the time and labor of the social trust, is being stored in a system which is sum negative from the start.

Based on the nature of fiat money and fractional banking regulations, the wealth of humanity is servicing debt as opposed to building real wealth as an act of self-preservation. Our time and labor is exchanged for money that is issued as debt, which in turn means our wealth is sum negative.

With the theory of PrimNomics, an attempt will be made to define a structure of self-preservation which is built upon the realities of productive wealth and micro independence while functioning within a macro system of conscious manifestation, as ordained by the vertex between inward and outward creation, while also serving the place where geometric shapes intersect.

This intersection is the social trust.

The fragmentation of self-preservation is nowhere more obvious than in the transfer of wealth from one end of the spectrum to the other end. A small minority has fragmented the natural human trust or grouping in their successful attempts to consolidate all human wealth, being time and labor, into a specialized system of wealth storage. This is a system which all of us have been born into, as attested by our bond-like birth certificates from which a return is expected. This return , our time and labor, is meant to service the debt of the now corrupt social trust.

Human groupings, both micro and macro, being the family or nation state, have been intentionally fragmented in order to achieve this wealth transfer. It’s interesting to notice that the royal bloodlines and elite families, such as the banking family of Rothschild, are encouraged to marry and reproduce within their own lineage. The most obvious reason for this practice is to retain the wealth of the family within that specific micro social trust.

RF1This serves as a form of continued consolidation of wealth, being time and labor, within the social trust, or family.

While this practice is promoted within one specific micro vertex, the larger macro vertex is intentionally fragmented. The disorganized masses are socially engineered to knowingly fragment their system of self-preservation so that the wealth is consolidated on the other end of the spectrum.

Of course the disorganized masses are extremely unlikely to engage in activities considered to be incestuous, but therein lays a probable solution to the fragmentation of the social trust vertex.

The act of incest as practiced by the ruling bloodlines and elite families is the ultimate act of self-preservation as determined by the creation of their own micro social trust. The wealth retention within this form of family social trust is extreme and very effective. The fragmentation of the disorganized masses when faced with the power of this structured social trust is assured and the wealth transfer is complete.

But what if the disorganized masses were to recognize and understand that there are other effective methods of establishing and structuring a social trust which does not rely on the mandates of the small organized elites? What if all the engineered fragmentation in pursuit of self-preservation was suddenly found to be ineffective?

What if the vertex, the point where geometric shapes intersect, became something other than a social trust?

We automatically assume that economic metrics are measures of the production, distribution, and consumption of social capital, or the social trust. But when we further explore and define just what is meant by social capital and social trust, we enter into a world where limited potential, or the opposite of infinity possibility, has expanded and opportunities to consolidate closer to the oneness of the absolute are more frequent.

In PrimNomics – The Second Division, we will further explore the opportunities for alternate social trusts and capital, as well as further broaden our understanding of the vertex, and how they exist as an abstract baseline, not just in the place where geometric shapes intersect, but also between all micro and macro paradigms, be they mircro and macro economics, or micro and macro evolution. This can be understood as the simultaneous evolution and devolution which acts as the symbiosis between microorganisms and macroorganisms.

This is another vertex of course.

The astute reader may anticipate a move towards the Grand Man philosophy which I have previously hinted at

What about the virus in the brain of the mole?

JC is too optimistic by half for my taste, but he has the scent:

The Mole Inside the Bank for International Settlements
February 24, 2017
Winning Back Control of America was Only the First Step in Trumps Grand Plan

By JC Collins

Taking control and transforming the systems of the world is no small undertaking. A clear strategy would need to be implemented which could leverage the existing frameworks while encouraging the enemy (the existing power establishment) to develop and implement the additional frameworks and mechanisms which you would later hijack and turn to your own advantage.

The status of the United States on the international stage is indisputable and undeniable. Both its economic and military prowess assures that whomever controls the gears and levers of power within the American establishment has the ability to direct and steer the course of world events.

Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 an international leftist ideology has been slowly consolidating power within America. The democratic-socialist mandates of this power structure injected itself into all of the global institutions which have developed as an extension of American hegemony and power. These institutions include the United Nations, Nato, G20, G7, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Bank for International Settlements.

These institutions are only the major ones as there are hundreds of other smaller organizations, charities, NGO’s, and trade deals which can also be considered an extension of this power. This would also include the Open Society Foundation of George Soros and other so-called charities which are ran by elitist billionaires from the socialist left.

With the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States this power structure is threatened and is responding with the full force of the frameworks and mechanisms at its disposal. But is it too late?

Embedded within the frameworks and mechanisms of the international institutions are the very tools and weapons which will now be turned against this fading establishment. Those who have been following my rambling and disjointed thoughts over the last three years will recognize some similar terminology being used here. This is not by accident.

From the very beginning I presented the concept called “self-limiting of rent seeking”. For many this term was strange and didn’t make a lot of sense. The idea that a ruling elite or establishment would willingly self-limit and punish its own corrupt behaviour was a stretch which appeared fanciful to many and delusion to some others. The idea that a self-correcting power structure would emerge from within the corrupt system was even a further stretch.

Most considered the American establishment and its power base to be so extensive and powerful that nothing could be done about it. Every time I expressed a positive attitude about the future of the international monetary system and the geopolitical world it was dismissed.

Whether I was writing about the SDR and its future role in a new multilateral framework, or the rebalancing of the monetary system itself, the complexity of the forthcoming transformation was lost in the negative articles and interviews coming out from both the mainstream media and alternative media.

In the post The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War I attempted to explain how the supra-sovereign currency bancor was intended to be used in the new international monetary system. It was only through intrigue and espionage that the USD was installed as the international reserve asset under Bretton Woods, as detailed in the article.

Under the global rule of the US dollar this leftist establishment used both America and the liberal ideology as the tools and method to consolidate control of the systems of the world. The resistance to Trumps Presidency is important because losing control of America means losing control of the international institutions and frameworks which they have developed over the last century.

Almost every nation on Earth now has a central bank which follows the mandates and regulations of the Bank for International Settlements. Most readers will have an understanding of the BIS and its important role as the central bank of the world. The regulations and policies which have been put forth by this massive and powerful institution include the Basel banking regulations and the constant guidance to central banks on policies, both minor and major.

The need for a supra-sovereign reserve asset for use in the international monetary system is not debated. No nation wants its domestic currency to be used as the USD has been used over the last 70 to 80 years. America went from having the worlds largest trade surplus in 1944 to now having the worlds largest trade deficit. This was predominantly caused by the growing imbalance inherent in using the domestic currency of one nation as the international reserve asset.

This means the SDR is being prepared to serve this function in place of the USD. The Bank for International Settlements is meant to serve as the clearing house for SDR transactions between nations. This means that the growing power establishment which Trump represents will already have planned a strategy to take control and have influence over this all important institution and world central bank.

The growing “new modern nationalism” which is spreading around the world is the representation of this new power structure. Its mandates and philosophy have been built around the right ideological concept with a focus on small government and empowering the people. This will take the form of self-limiting of rent seeking and shrinking government wherever possible.

The concept of using a supra-sovereign reserve asset such as the SDR in an international function between nations does not have to be a bad thing. Many readers have questioned my approach and subtle support of the SDR framework. The reason why I have been encouraged by the developing SDR system is because it will afford the world the opportunity for peace and prosperity for all for the first time in the history of the world. But this will only be possible under an open and republic type governance framework and union between the nations of the world.

If such a system was implemented under the leftist rule, the socialist governance structure which would encompass the globe would be suffocating and lead to mass deaths and disparity as wealth distribution took on new levels. The fact that Trump has been leading on all out assault on this leftist establishment should be encouraging to readers.

Taking back control of America is pointless if the establishments arms and limbs are not removed around the world. Considering the importance of the BIS, it seems unrealistic to think that Trump, and the power structure he represents, have not developed a strategy to take control of the worlds central bank which will be used as the core clearing bank in the SDR system.

This summer the former Mexican central bank governor Agustin Carstens will become the new head of the Bank for International Settlements. This is important because Mexico, contrary to what you may have been conditioned to think, will play a vital role in securing and tightening the power which the Trump establishment has won.

Nothing is being left to chance and the communication which has been taking place between the Trump administration and Mexico is increasing. The facade of disunity is proving a convenient distraction from the machinations going on behind the scenes. A wall will be built but the reasons are somewhat different from immigration alone. Mexico will want to keep its people in Mexico for reasons having to do with monetary demographics and GDP growth as its birthing petroleum industry takes form. There are other reason as well but we will leave that for another article.

Carstens just a few months ago let slip on a Mexican radio program that he felt Trump was taking on a more reconciliatory tone. This could be nothing of course but could also be an early indicator of the relationship which will come to the forefront between the BIS and the Trump Presidency later this year.

Trump is already expressing the need to undo financial and banking regulations which have been implemented within America and around the world as an extension of BIS policy. This would include the Basel 3 regulations on capital requirements for banks. We have been told that these regulations are good for us, and have even been provided a very convenient financial crisis to justify the expansion of regulations. But as Trump is showing in America, such regulations are in opposition to the ideals of capitalism and republican freedoms, and serve as a tool to expand and spread leftist ideals while increasing control over the people.

We may not openly hear about it on the mainstream media, but I would suspect that we will see some major changes with the BIS and even the International Monetary Fund, which will control the composition and functions of the SDR. Just yesterday Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin discussed with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde the need for a different exchange rate arrangement and the importance of corrected the imbalances in the international monetary system. Readers will recognize these points as major themes here on POM.

The stage is set and the larger strategy will continue to play out. There was some big gaps in my own visualization of this whole process, but when I first heard the Trump campaign platform back in the summer of 2015 a huge piece was provided. I was one of a handful of people who stated that Trump would win. I even went so far as to say that he would win because his platform was the same as the mandates of the transformation of the international monetary system.

This has not changed, and the control the Trump establishment has gained in American will soon spread to the institutions which make up the system of the world. This includes the IMF and the BIS, and forthcoming moves on the UN and Nato. Everything is shifting and we will soon have further confirmation of many of the items we have been discussing.

Trump’s own deep state

Trump’s Own Deep State
January 17, 2017 JC Collins
The Evidence of New Petroleum Politics & a Great Deal for America to Provide China with Crude

By JC Collins

The evidence is clear. A shift in the petroleum world is taking place.

With all the talk of the US Deep State and its attacks upon Donald Trump and his incoming administration everyone has failed to observe that Trump himself has something of a deep state supporting his strategies.

From the first moment his candidacy was announced there was a deep and broad strategy in place which included everything from the use of Twitter to the provocations against other nations and existing trade agreements, as well as how to overturn the elite media. The fact that everything the existing American establishment threw at him didn’t stick should be evidence enough that something more powerful and organized was operating behind the scenes.

There is so much ground to explore here that it’s hard to pick a place to start. Right now I’m sitting in a hotel room with a few days on a mine site ahead of me so I’ll just jump right in where we sort of left off with Iran being the hinge for Middle East peace.

In The Take Down of George Soros – Part Two we explored how America requires a steady supply of heavy crude for its refineries on the Gulf Coast. The petrodollar arrangement with Saudi Arabia provided support to both the dollar reserve system and the need for heavy crude. Iran, being organic enemies with the House of Saud was the odd man out on these arrangements and positioned itself geopolitically to align with partner Russia.

The sides begin to make more sense when we consider them through the lens of crude exports.

The hard stance Trump is taking on China stands in contrast to the approach which is being used with Russia. But when we consider that China imports a huge amount of its crude from Saudi Arabia we can begin to understand some of the geopolitics.

Russia is aligned with Iran. Saudi Arabia supports ISIS. Russia is taking on ISIS. China imports crude from Saudi. Trump is in agreement with Putin and pushing hard on China. Russia and America will finish off ISIS together. This means Russia and America will take out the House of Saud. Which means China will need to find another reliable supplier of crude.

Here are China’s recent import statistics:

Saudi Arabia: $20.8 billion (down -46.7%)
Russia: $17.2 billion (up 5.7%)
Angola: $15.9 billion (down -35.9%)
Oman: $14 billion (up 1.1%)
Iraq: $12.7 billion (up 21.4%)
Iran: $10.7 billion (down -50.8%)
Kuwait: $5.7 billion (down -22.3%)
Brazil: $5.3 billion (up 8.6%)
United Arab Emirates: $5.1 billion (down -7%)
Venezuela: $5.1 billion (down -30.3%)
Colombia: $3.1 billion (up 92.2%)
Sudan (North + South): $2.9 billion (down -69.4%)
Congo: $2.3 billion (down -46.9%)
Kazakhstan: $1.9 billion (down -78.7%)
Australia: $1 billion (down -69.4%)

Some interesting assumptions can be made from this list but we don’t have time right now.

Trump could very well be positioning negotiations to get China to stop importing crude from Saudi Arabia altogether. This would leave the kingdom extremely isolated economically and geopolitically and would hasten its internal collapse.

To support this line of reasoning we see that China began importing from America last year when the crude exporting ban was lifted. We said back then that the lifting of this ban meant the end of the petrodollar arrangement and it would appear that that is the case.

You can see the strategy where a Trump administration would trade some influence in the South China Sea to ensure China has to rely on America for crude imports. It’s a security trade off which could very well benefit both of the largest economies on Earth.

Iran could also provide more crude to China which would create one massive energy arrangement between America, China, Russia, Iran, and other players around the world, including a new government in Venezuela. A reader had asked me to write something on South America. I haven’t forgotten. Please consider this a lead in to a broader article.

The people which have been picked to lead the Trump administration should be considered a part of a new and emerging deep state and establishment which is implementing a well-planned and strategized transformation of the world and its energy geopolitics.

The world is changing faster than any of us considered possible. Expect to see broader monetary discussions, including the role of the SDR, once some of the energy and associated geopolitics are sorted out. Can’t put the fuel before the crude.

Group think works until it doesn’t

Educated vs Uneducated Voters – The Unavoidable Truth on Cultural Segregation and a Changing Political Demographic
February 16, 2017

By JC Collins

An ideal Republic demands an informed population which can serve as an electoral body of critical thinkers. Past educational programs within distinct societies and civilizations have been tasked with providing this body of critical thinkers.

As is the case in previous eras, civilizations which transition through various stages of socioeconomic development invariably pass through the obvious periods of enlightenment and heightened culture only to bottom out when civilization reverses and a period of non-critical thinking and mob mentality controls the mechanisms of governance and power.

There are many reasons for the predictability of such a cultural evolution and devolution.

One is the periods of decadence which serve to weaken the power structures and societal foundations. These periods of decadence are preceded by massive expansions of the money supply which inject excess capital into the domestic economies and lead to the waste associated with the onset of decadence.

This erosion and degeneration of cultural responsibility and accountability leads to even further fragmentation of Republic ideals as those who rise to positions of power and control within the governance and commerce frameworks begin to legislate socialist mandates.

These mandates are meant to warp the judicial and educational structures within the civilization for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a cultural segregation which promotes equality but in fact is attempting to encourage further division and redistribution to those at the top of the power structure.

Under such a methodology, sometimes planned and sometimes unplanned, all the civil and official institutions exist to serve the growing power structure. The educational system, once meant to produce a mass population of organized critical thinkers shifts to the far left of the cultural spectrum where it is focused primarily on producing a mass population of disorganized non-critical thinkers who are trained to operate the machinery and mechanisms of the governance and commerce structures but are never educated enough to threaten those at the top of the power structure itself.

This de facto caste type system continues to grow until a mass swell of critical thinkers within the disorganized masses are able to organize and begin the process of sovereign renewal throughout the multiple levels of commerce, education and politics.

It is as if the utter lack of critical thinking reaches a point where it actually sparks a new awareness and birth of critical thinking which then begins the process of rising and challenging the power structure.
One of the clear indicators that this transformation has begun is the weakening of the educational system which materializes through a growing division in the electoral body. We are experiencing such divisions and fragmentation now as the election of Donald Trump and the BREXIT vote in Great Britain would suggest.

In both cases the left power structure has hammered the point that it was predominately “uneducated voters” who moved against the existing framework and are attempting to overthrow those at the top. This slanderous attempt at cultural segregation is transparent in that it draws attention to the false promotion of equality which the power structure promotes.

The inevitable corruption and devolution of the educational system ensures that this mass body of “uneducated voters” will develop the critical thinking which is required in order to recognize the corruption and inherent degeneration of the existing framework.

Those who consider themselves to be “educated voters” are in fact conditioned and moulded to maintain and perpetuate the existing power structure. This is accomplished through refocusing the purpose of the educational system from building critical thinkers to such mundane and counter intuitive tasks as conforming and bending to cultural group think.

Those who have avoided the educational system for whatever reason – costs, no interest, not fitting in, etc.. – find themselves in the advantageous position of not having been subjected to the curriculum of mass socioeconomic and cultural engineering. This avoidance of the control integration points both allows and encourages the development of critical thinking as a direct response to the lack of critical thinking which will have reached epidemic proportions within the existing system.

This disenfranchised and disorganized mass begins to organize itself and use the gears and levers of the governance framework to take back control of the system. The once “educated” demographic begins to find itself faced with a mass population of electoral voters who have developed both critical thinking and the ability to recognize the inherent and degenerate characteristics of the collapsing and fragmenting system.

The ruling demographic of “educated” and non-critical thinking electoral voters find themselves confused and unable to understand why the cultural mechanisms of socialism and equality are now falling apart under the weight of the growing demographic of “uneducated” and critical thinking electoral voters. The contradiction between promoting cultural equality while granting special interest groups and pre-defined minority groups select privileges never occurs to them. This cultural segregation takes the form of special laws of exclusion and inclusion which is enforced upon another demographic as the opposite. Inclusion for one demographic means exclusion for another.

The culture begins to develop multi-tiered legal, educational, and business micro frameworks which isolate those “uneducated” masses who have not participated in the macro framework of social inclusion and non-critical thinking. The divide only grows broader from this point as the disorganized masses organize and critical thinking begins to be injected once again into the mechanisms of governance and power.

This will inevitably lead once again to the implementation of Republican ideals and the expansion of an electoral body of critical thinkers. The governance and power frameworks begin to focus once again on the application of a common law for all demographics and the reintroduction of educational, financial, monetary, and political sovereignty.

The end of the culture war is upon us

The Last Days of the Cultural Civil War
February 20, 2017

By JC Collins

Do you think a cultural civil war is fast approaching? Do you feel like the vast differences between the left and the right ideologies in our western cultural are reaching a critical point? Is our cultural now so divided that bloodshed is the inevitable outcome and solution to put it all back together?

If you think the answer is yes than you haven’t been paying attention and your entire life has been spent in a state of semi-comatose cultural indifference. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But how could we have been in a war this whole time and no one noticed? Where are the victims? Which side is winning? Where and when have the major battles been fought?

These are all critical questions which need to be answered. But the first factor which we need to grasp and process is the reality that we have been left confused and led astray from the core principles of what it means to be reasoning and thinking beings.

Everyone alive today, aside from the rare humans who are approaching the one hundred year mark and beyond, have been living and developing in a world which has had its socioeconomic, geopolitical and cultural mandates engineered. This engineering has been specific in its pointed strategies and tenants. What these strategies are we can explain, but the tenants and ultimate objective may not be as understandable as you would like to think. This will be explained further.

In the years after World War One western cultural entered the decade of the Roaring 20’s. This period was built upon the massive expansion of the credit markets and huge increase in the money supply. Such epic tales as The Great Gatsby helped forge and define this decade and all its extravagance.

As one would expect, an expansion of the money supply invariably lead to a contraction of the money supply. This is what happened during the years of the Dirty 30’s as money disappeared from the economy along with jobs, factories, and the hopes and dreams of a large segment of the western population.

This period transitioned the world into the war years of the 1940’s which set the stage for the next phase of cultural and socioeconomic engineering.

The Greaser and Malt Stop Diner 50’s corresponded with the suburban construction boom and the next advancement in technology and consumerism. Older folks who had lived during the hardships of the 1930’s attempted to warn the newer generation who were coming of age about the dangers of credit and financial risks.

But the push of the new world which was emerging was too powerful. Whether it was the laundry machine or a new Cadillac, a motor cycle or the first televisions, the decade had something for everyone and everyone wanted something.

The engineers watched the mass reactions of the populations and began to adjust and tweak the systems of integration and interception. The abject emptiness of consumerism required a dialectical paradigm from which a sort of semi-comatose balance could be obtained.

The Counter-Culture 60’s emerged from within the music and entertainment industries which had planted the seeds in the previous decade with movies like Rebel Without A Cause and catchy twist songs which blasted from new shiny radios and on television shows. The hippy sounds of the 1960’s carried forth this rebellious nature which climaxed in the debauchery of Woodstock.

The conclusion can be made that western culture grew up in the 1960’s as such hardcore topics as war, divorce, drugs, and abortion came on the radar. The direct contrast this decade had to the one which preceded it served to transform the minds of the masses through the principles of the Hegelian Dialectic and launched the world which was to come.

The Disco 70’s took the cultural concepts and images of the previous decade and embedded them with new levels of degeneration and “risk-free” behavioural acceptance. With roller skates in hand we danced our way through the sounds of Abba and Blondie while a new culture of homosexuality emerged all around us.

The African American and civil rights movements extended over these decades and left its mark upon all segments and demographics. The seriousness of the civil rights movement began to move backwards as the lowest common denominator of culture both created and promoted a falsification of what it meant to be an African American, while extracted from, and discarding, the remains which didn’t fit into the overall theme of cultural engineering.

These remains of the real African American culture were hushed away in the ghettos of the inner cities as the false Black Panther and Shack images glowed from the televisions of the suburban neighbourhoods. It was as if the ideals which had been promoted and encouraged before were now discarded and considered irrelevant. The problem was that no one told the disorganized masses this fact and the state of semi-comatose cultural indifference continued unabated.

The western world moved into the humdrum afternoons and electric evenings of the Synthesizer 80’s. It was in this decade that the engineered but illusionary resurrection of the right conservative ideology took place. Consider it a test run for what is taking place today.

After decades of a liberal left mandate it was determined that the mass populations of the west required a Ronald Reagan type character who emerged from within the Hollywood establishment and brought hope to those who had felt disenfranchised by the leftist ideals of divorce, abortion, and drugs. The fact that all of these things continued and increased throughout the 1980’s has broadly been ignored.

The War on Drugs was an abject failure and served to increase the trade and abuse of drugs in the years after. A similar contradictory outcome can also be seen in the War on Terror which also failed and only served to increase the frequency and intensity of terrorism in the decade which followed the Grunge and Techno 90’s.

Like other cultural acts of integration and interception, engineered terrorism had its seeds planted in previous decades. These seeds grew and became the tools of the engineers in the modern world. The toolbox of western culture is full of such weapons and abstract machines.

The pattern which emerges from a multi-decade consideration of cultural engineering is one of oppositional conditioning and Dialectical strategies. Some interjection points are short while others are long. Each require incredible patience and design in order to be properly implemented and expanded when deployed.

As an example, the War on Terror has now transformed into outright acceptance and promotion of the very religious and ideological horror which we were suppose to be fighting just a decade in the past. The pattern we are discussing is undeniable and can be explored even further with multiple examples and studies which can be blended together and trended accordingly.

But lets take a look at the larger macro cyclical pattern. It is the culmination of all the smaller micro patterns which we have reviewed above. We have not seen it before in our lifetimes. Its existence has been kept hidden from us at all costs. To reveal the strategies is one thing, but to reveal the objective will give away too much.

This objective all along has been focused on experimentation. That is the point. The engineers of civilization require that testing take place. This testing facilitates the process of discovery and determining which characteristics should be incorporated into a culture of tomorrow.

But is there one end goal? Will the testing continue forever?

Maybe. But we are coming to the end of the ongoing cultural war instead of starting at the beginning. What we are experiencing now is the consolidation of all the cultural, socioeconomic and geopolitical engineering which has taken place since the Roaring 20’s. The engineers have learned about expanding and contracting the money supply while transitioning mass populations through varying helpful and destructive paradigms.

The battles of the cultural war have been fought through the invading ideals of the leftist mandates which were designed specifically to pressure the ideals of the right. Throughout courtrooms and within inner cities, in suburban living rooms and across factory floors, and now across the cleverly designed social media, we have warred with one another.

The victims of this war are the millions of aborted babies, lives lost to drug abuse and other rampant acceptance of destructive vice, and the broken hearts of fragmented families. The cultural war has been a real war and the victims far outnumber those of previous wars. Years from now we will openly acknowledge the characteristics of this war and hold vigil for its victims.

The coalescing of all the characteristics of the previous decades will culminate in the transition to the next major phase of our civilization. The testing and experimentation have been completed and the seeds which were littered across the last one hundred years will be allowed to grow. These are the seeds of even more advanced technology and the fulfillment of the human promise for adventure and dreaming.

As we enter the last days of this cultural civil war it is important to understand that the left and right will merge and create something new. The divide is so great that no one side can have a complete victory over the other. Through war both sides are forever changed and altered from what they were before the war began.

Ideological consolidations require the destruction of each side from within for the purpose of eliminating resistance. The left and the right have been locked in a battle for so long that the acceptance of one for the other will not happen unless the points of integration and interception begin to run parallel and merge on the path to the future.

There could still be victims and the chance of human randomness is always a factor but the course has been set. The merging willingly takes place or both sides decimate one another in a final act of savage irreconcilability. Either way we are at the end of this cultural war and not the beginning. Now we enter a period of macro transformation from where the civilization of tomorrow awaits us.

Clif High on the Mandela Effect

… Some thinking about the Mandela Effect

It, the Mandela Effect, is real. Even if it is not what we think it may be.

So, at the level of a phenomenon manifesting in our universe now, the Mandela Effect is real.

Of course, the problem arises when we ask, ‘what is it?’.

It could be an instance of collective bad (wrong) memory, that we all happen to be able to discuss as we have the internet which allows it to build to a certain amount of emotional energy thus becoming a ‘self feeding meme’ as new people discover it.

It could be some form of distortion in our memory, both individually, and collectively, now being discovered and discussed. That is, the memory may be altered by some force external to bodies.

It could be that history, the remnants of duration through time, and the artifacts thereof, have or are actually being altered by some force external to, and independent of our memories.

It could be that the nature of time is actually altered, and the past itself is/has/was changed, thus propagating the effect into its future, our present now, where we pick it up, and discuss it.

However, in all instances, what is key is what is not being discussed as an intrinsic element of the Mandela Effect, in fact, this is its defining characteristic: it does not affect all people.

This is to say, it is somewhat selective in that not all people are experiencing it. If we think about it, this is what is actually required for the Mandela Effect to exist, that is, there have to be some people to say ‘What The Fuck?!?’.

Obviously, if we all had the same memory, changed or not, no Mandela Effect. It is only when your memory differs from what is now expressing in the collective memory we call recent history, that the Effect arises. If we all had the ‘effect’ of thinking we had bad memory, then the Mandela Effect would be classified as a strange, global, humanity affecting, instance of everyone having a wrong memory of a particular instance in the past. Certainly cause to investigate that sort of an effect, just as strange in its own way as our current Mandela Effect.

However, what we have is a case of contention around both the memories and the effect. There are large parts of the population that experience the Mandela Effect, and large parts that do not, and are wondering, “oh-oh, what the hell is going on with Suzy (Bobby, Ralph, Janette…)?”. These people do not have either the ‘wrong memory’ component, nor, and much more critical here, the ’emotional trigger’ to the memory that causes the person to feel the Mandela Effect. You see from this discussion so far that the Mandela Effect is more than just something happening to time, it is also clearly something happening to humans, and their consciousness, including their links to their memories.

In thinking about the Mandela Effect from this perspective of assuming it is real, even if only as a collective mass psychosis, points out some interesting thoughts. If is is real as in our thought experiment in so assuming, what are its parameters? What can be used to define the Mandela Effect? Even if only as a mass social, internet sustained, mental aberration? Are there things that can be learned from examining the details of the Mandela Effect?

Well, to the last, i would say yes. There are interesting conclusions that can be drawn from examining the Mandela Effect as a phenomenon. One notes in such an examination, that the Mandela Effect is mostly reported in the english language, mostly in North American variants, excepting there is a large, and growing amount being reported in Mexican variants of Spanish. Further, this leads to an examination of the reports of the appearance of the M. Effect itself, which yields an instant observation that most of the reports of the effect appear to be coming from North America, and that those not coming from N. America, are still within the larger boundaries of the ‘english speaking world’.

So, interesting. Then we can plot the where of the reports of the effect. Please note that this is plotting where the people are who are reporting the effects, not the places they are reporting about within their description of their encounter with the Mandela Effect. We also find that these reports are both North American, and english dominant locales. Then, narrowing down the reports, we find that the Mandela Effect is NOT evenly spread across North America. Rather there are some geographic centers that can be described as big areas of influence.

As an instance, lots of reports of the Mandela Effect in Hollywood movies. And TV shows that originated out of southern California. But note, no instances of Mandela Effect in Bollywood, or Shanghai, nor Australian movies.

Another ‘hot spot’ for the effect can be loosely described as the ‘bible belt’ of the southeast and Gulf Coast states and Mexico. Lots of reports of the ‘changes’ in their bible as it is seen within these areas. Further, no Mandela Effect in other christian areas, nor reports of problems with their bibles, nor the appearance of the emotional side of the Mandela Effect.

Without going into further details, suffice it so say that the Mandela Effect can be shown to be limited by geography, and from that geography comes the language specific nature of the effect.

Another very interesting aspect of the Mandela Effect is that one is able to plot against the geographic areas where the Mandela Effect has arisen, and indeed is even growing, the placement, and operation of ‘Quantum computers’, most noteworthy, the D-Wave machines. These are produced in Vancouver, BC, Canada (yes, a hot spot for the Effect), and are currently being installed and operated in southern California, and Texas by NASA. Some other firms such as Google are involved in the use of these devices.

The D-Wave machines are not the only quantum computers operating, and the others in the NE states, and at some select locations also correlate strongly to reports of the Mandela Effect. While not an exhaustive survey by any stretch of the imagination, i am confident that the conclusion that the operations of Q-Bit powered chips is a part of the effect at least at the level of geographic correlation. Thus is worth investigating further.

So i was wrong in thinking that the LHC was a causal factor alone. It may be that the Q-Bit machines are acting as causal agents, or concentrating filters, or any one of many other possibilities. The LHC is certainly screwing around with the consciousness field, but in this instance, the Q-Bit based processors seem to be playing a very large role in the appearance of the Mandela Effect, though please note, they may not be causing it so much as ‘enabling’ it to appear where it does. Quantum stuff is just not easy to mentally model for most of us, so ’cause and effect’ maths have many variants.

In any event, the take away from this thinking, and please examine the idea yourself, is that we may be able to watch the Mandela Effect spread with the introduction of new Q-Bit machines. For instance, if they fire up one in Bollywood, and thereafter their movies start showing the effects, well… that would be a big HMMMM?!?

There are many other thoughts that arise from this thinking about the Mandela Effect and its meaning for humanity as we go forward as the effect itself is very definitely real.

And growing….

clif high

January 21, 2017