Reverse Speech Explained

Excerpt: ”

The source of Reverse speech occurs in two ways.
Firstly, this mode of communication is automatically generated by the right brain when we are using our first mode of communication known as forward speech, which is generated from the left brain. The left brain is the logical thinking, detail orientated, sequential and rational side of the brain. It is analytical, objective, and looks at the parts of a thing first, before assembling it into a whole. The right brain is the creative thinking, random, intuitive side of the brain which is “big picture” orientated looking at the whole first.  It is holistic, philosophical, imaginative, deals in symbols and images and uses feelings and emotions.

Secondly, Reverse speech originates from many parts of the human mind, the multiple levels of human consciousness. This includes the conscious, unconscious, subconscious, collective consciousness and our higher conscious mind otherwise known as Spirit. Below I will explain each of these levels of consciousness and give examples of reverse speech in each of these categories which I have found personally when listening to recordings backwards.”

Allah Cannot Stop the Islamic Reformation

Allah Cannot Stop the Islamic Reformation

JC CollinsMarch 24, 2017Cultural, FREEPOM2 Comments

Using Jihad-Reversal to Forever Alter the Interpretation of the Muhammadan Law

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

Over multiple centuries the Christian faith went through periods of change which forever altered the religions context and interpretation. From the Lutheran Reformation to the onset of the Enlightenment, the Christian religion and Catholic Church transformed from its regimented and structured past to establish the framework which carried it into the modern world.

It can be reasonably argued that the advancement in technology which the Gutenberg Printing Press represented was one of the causative factors which set the Lutheran (Protestant) Reformation in motion. These advancements continued throughout the Age of Enlightenment, or Reason, and brought the Western world into the 20th Century.

Changes which are taking place in the world today are also causative factors in the transformation of the Islamic faith, though this may not be as obvious as one would expect. The first hint of this Islamic Reformation is the wide disbursement of Muslims around the world. Comparing this Islamic migration to previous migrations which contributed to the Holy Crusades would be a mistake as the world is a fundamentally different place than it was 9 centuries ago.

Whereas the instinctual reaction from those in the West to this large Islamic migration brings about images of an allegorical Trojan horse which will release a horde of Muslim invaders from inside Mosques throughout the land, the more probable outcome will be that Muslim migrants will be swallowed up by Western culture.

There are various contributors to such an outcome. The most obvious is the insidious nature of Western culture itself. During the build up to the crusades Christendom was more disciplined and provided a clear oppositional contrast to the Islamic faith. The divide was well defined and when the momentum built the turnaround came with little resistance.

The Islamic migration which the Western world is encountering today is one where boundaries and limitations are not as well defined. Islam cannot be blamed for misconstruing this as weakness, as on first glance that is what most would conclude. But the ever moving cultural norms, flexibilities and allowances will inevitably cause fractures within those migrating to the West.

Consider that instead of an Islamic Trojan horse the West has left the gates open to draw as many in as possible with the intent of remoulding the religion through an incremental process of cultural and socioeconomic interception. This process would leverage the Islamic predisposition for Jihad against the very structure which Jihad is meant to protect and expand, being the Muhammadan law.

The decades of Islamic terrorism which have taken place have set the stage for this Jihad reversal, or backfire, against the perpetrators of Islamic terrorism. Anti-Islamophobia arguments and laws, like the M103 motion which just passed in Canada, are setting the stage for the framework of this reversal.

Though this may sound like a contradiction upon first consideration, we need to delve deeper into the cultural engineering strategies which have been implemented in the past and reflect upon their ultimate outcomes. Running parallel to the increasing Islamic migration to the Western world is the rise of a new modern nationalism, or populist movements, within Western nations, which are leveraging against the very same Islamic migration in order to capture the cultural tension and ride the pendulum swing into positions of power.

This new modern nationalism and populist movements have arrived with relative suddenness upon the Western political landscape. One year ago a large percentage of the population who considered themselves’ right leaning politically would have thought that the collapse of the liberal-left would never happen. Yet, here we are, after decades of political correctness and leftist cultural engineering through entertainment, education, and media, witnessing a complete rebirth of the political right across the Western world, from America through France and into Germany.

It has been speculated that the liberal-left attempted to push civilization too far left and is now experiencing the inevitable pushback from a culture which has in fact been pushed too far. It first started as low vibration rumblings from down to earth conservatives with staged traditionalist organizations appearing on television talk shows to prove themselves backwards and bumbling fools who shouldn’t be taken serious.

This pushback continued to grow in the hearts and minds of the people and culminated in the election of Trump and now continues with the ongoing emergence of the new modern nationalism. It is in essence the overthrow of the existing power structure, much like it was during the Lutheran Reformation and revolutions of the Enlightenment.

The regressive and receding left has been encouraging the importation of Islamic culture into the West as a last act of cultural transformation. It will be the nail in the coffin of the liberal-left international agenda, as Joe Biden called it, and will be the spark that ignites the long-awaited Islamic Reformation.

The origins and sources of the Muhammadan laws are as speculative as those of other faiths. The historical lineages which preceded the emergence of Allah from the pagan gods of the ancient world have been well documented but not publicized with effectiveness. The rock worship which had taken place in the region which is now referred to as Mecca can still be seen in the Islamic faith as millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca and worship at the Grand mosque called the Kaaba.

As each Muslim orbits the Kaaba, or Black Cube (a black cube is symbolic of Saturn) they are pulled closer to the Black Stone at the Eastern corner of the Kaaba. Once at the Black Stone each Muslim will kiss the stone. The Black Stone is revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.

The pagan gods of pre-Islamic Arabia worshiped idols such as the Black Stone, which were handed down to the Muhammadan’s in the religious transference which took place. Much like the rituals and aspects of Christianity were handed down to the modern manifestations of these twilight language belief systems.

The very origin of the Islamic faith has idol worship and pagan gods as a part of its lineage. Just like other religions. In fact, just like other religions, Islam still practices idol worship, as can be attested to by the worship over the Black Stone which takes place at Kaaba.

The international liberal-left strategy is in the process of failing, at least from the perspective which has been promoted to us, and will take all ancillary movements with it, including anti-Islamophobia propaganda and mass migration. Those of the Islamic faith who have been “abandoned” in the West will begin to self-identify as moderate-Western Muslims who become embarrassed at the thought of the traditionalist methods of those from the host nations.

This will follow the same path which the Christian traditionalists took and will eventually lead to the full on reformation of Islam as those in the West encourage and promote a Jihad-reversal at home as well as in the predominantly Islamic countries. Western culture will betray the followers of Muhammadan laws in the same manner which it has betrayed its own lineage and those nations who have previously made arrangements for protection and integration.

None of the gods of the world’s religions can stand in the face the engineered cultural transformations which have taken place, such as the Lutheran Reformation and Enlightenment, and those which are in the process of taking place, such as the Islamic Reformation, which is still in its pre-transformation stage. No matter what fundamentalist Islamists think and promote, Allah is no more resistant to the human force of cultural change as were other god.

Allah, the youngest of the neo-pantheon of monotheistic gods, is only now beginning his transformation and journey from darkness to light. The template is in place and nothing can stop it. Not even Allah himself. The more Islamic fundamentalist fight to maintain the traditionalist structure the more they are digging out the ground from beneath their own feet.

For its part, whether planned or unplanned, the liberal-left is providing the shovels and encouraging the Islamic traditionalists to dig deeper and harder. The current transition-stage we find ourselves in right now as a culture will not last forever. The enhanced risk of open cultural conflict between the opposing positions is too great. Expect something, such as an event or unfolding sequence of minor events, to ignite the transformation powder which has already been spread across the Western landscape and throughout the Middle East. – JC

More on hidden gold

But in reality it reveals a part of the biggest gold secret… The Netherlands were Indonesia’s colonial master and they could wangle most of the Indonesian gold, which was stored in the Netherlands. When the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940, they of course stole all of this gold, but could keep it only for a few years, until the US troops invaded Germany in 1945. Indonesia declared itself independent on 8/17/1945 (in the sign Leo = gold). The Indonesian president 1945-67 was Sukarno, born on 6/6/1901 on the end times axis. After WW2 Sukarno negotiated for a long time what to do with the Indonesian gold. The Swiss UBS was involved and there are also connections to the Golden Lily 777. Finally on 11/21/63 John F. Kennedy signed the “fund revolution” in Geneva, Switzerland, over 57,150 tons of gold and actually more than the double than that, because of 2.5% interest rates per year. This is $4-5 trillion in terms of today’s gold price. In the evening of 11/21/63 US vice president Lyndon B. Johnson told his lover that from the next day on he would no longer have problems with the Kennedys and on the next day 11/22/63 Kennedy was murdered…

In 2016 this issue began to boil up, in March 2016 the Indonesian president Joko Widodo (born on 6/21/61 also on the end times axis) traveled to the Netherlands for negotiations, just before he turned 666 months old. Moreover, the previous US presidential candidate Kerry contacted the White Dragon Society and that’s why he also was in Antarctic on the day of the US elections. According to Benjamin Fulford the negotiations are mainly near 74°S 164°E (near the Mario-Zucchelli station) and 66°S 99°E. Fulford gets information from all sorts of white and black sources, so he is a mixed bag, but his average truth content has risen to 60-70%.

Since 2016 I have said one should watch Antarctic closely, as this is where a lot is going on. One issue of the negotiations is who gets what parts of Antarctic after the pole shift. The stakes are high, because after the pole shift a continent larger than Europe in the temperate zone can be settled and exploited (commodities). This explains why Turkey suddenly claims some parts of Antarctic to be Turkish… As usually, traditional political ‘experts’ grab 0.00% of what is really going on behind the scenes. Without doubt, the gold price is heavily influenced by the secret negotiations in Antarctic, where the Galactic Federation is a player, too. At present reptilian agents play for time, they commit to obligations that they will never keep.

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More hidden gold than you think


As interesting and, indeed, as important as this information was, there was a still more significant surprise awaiting me. According to Tom, Sukarno’s trustee explained that all this gold and other plunder was originally intended:

“…to be the reserve for a third world non-aligned nations bank that Sukarno was going to set up with HQ in Indonesia.”

In one stroke much of the smoke and mirrors that had surrounded Dr. Damanik’s own reticent explanations to Peter Johnson were clarified.

Sukarno’s plan to found a non-aligned world bank is of the greatest historical significance. The establishment of such a powerful entity possessing gold reserves that dwarfed those available to the West would have sent shivers of fear down the backs of Western governments and the European and US banking fraternity, which just a few years earlier had concluded the Bretton Woods Agreement, resulting in the establishment of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Both institutions remain the primary vehicles for keeping Third World nations impoverished — a fact that benefits a wealthy West dedicated to a social structure dependent on consumerism.

It is more than likely that this plan for a non-aligned nations’ world bank formed the substantive backdrop to the 1955 Bandung conference of non-aligned nations that so clearly caused concern for the Bilderberg group in 1955 — and which Dr. Damanik darkly referenced in his discussions with Peter Johnston. Founding such a bank would certainly have galvanized the intelligence community into action and may very well amount to the real motive — and hitherto an even deeper secret — behind the CIA’s decision, commencing 1955, to corral and then overthrow President Sukarno.

Caligula-esque Leadership Going Down

Half past human suggests a sea-change is happening in our culture’s tolerance of sex trafficking in children.  The story is that the government is now arresting many high profile offenders.  These pedophilia rings are the linchpin of the puppeteer’s control over these politicians.  The next step is an oversight agenda to remove corporate use of children to sell products.  It’s always darkest before the dawn?  What a world.  The shock isn’t that this level of depravity and evil is endemic to the system, but rather that so many individuals view this system through rose-colored glasses. Deliberate ignorance is its own form of evil. There is always this paired polarity: a few powerful depraved individuals supported by large numbers of goody two shoes.  “Nice” people are the scariest sorts.

The Battle for Western Civilization

The age of pretend is now coming to an end. There is no more hiding and running from the truth which we have all known for generations. This truth has laid dormant in the pits of our stomachs and in the sands of our minds. It is a truth which we cannot outrun. It is a truth which cannot be forgotten or ignored. It is a truth which is rushing at us like an out of control freight train. It is a truth with consequences that cannot be avoided.

We can no longer pretend that this truth does not exist. We can no longer pretend that this train is not real. I’m writing to you now in this time of revelation so we may unite on that deeper level where all men and women share a common purpose.

For our purpose is not to remain in silence as our civilization is shattered and tormented. Our purpose is not to act as cultural cannon-fodder for those who mean to invade both our lands and our minds. Your purpose is now to stand firm in unification with the brothers and sisters of our common civilization.

Our civilization has been built over thousands of years of bloodshed and sacrifice. This sacrifice began in the year 33AD and provided us an example of both love and what it means to give the most precious gift of all. It matters not whether you are religious. This one event, real or not, was the defining cornerstone of Western Civilization, and throughout all the trials and tribulations our civilization fought and crawled its way through both periods of enlightenment and horror.

For all its faults and shortcomings it is our civilization. There are those within and without who have been strategically chipping away at its interior and exterior for over a hundred years. Perhaps even two-hundred. The methods used have been as varied as the million thoughts of a deranged man running headlong into the freight train.

This man was followed by a woman. The woman was followed by another man. On it went throughout the years and decades as one after another deranged minds and souls slammed themselves into this train. Their madness pulled together like gravity and became the train. The denser the train became the faster it moved and the louder its hysterical laugh could be heard in the distance ahead.

The towns and cities built bridges and tunnels for the train. Terminals were engineered which allowed more to get on but not get off. It was a one way direction into cultural oblivion. The train was long. Thousands of years long. It’s tail end was the remains of civilizations long gone and rotted into the dust of degradation and vice. It was the great collector of human weakness and desire.

We all pretended like the train didn’t exist. The more it came through our towns and homes the more of our children it took with it. We pretended this wasn’t happening because our children still sat in the room. But we all knew they weren’t there.

The train began to tell us what to think and feel. It told us how to speak. Every track that went in a different direction from its self-fulfilling prophecy was torn up and melted down so it could continue adding to its steel underbelly. It roared and roamed and no one could escape from its twisted embrace.

It told us it wanted love. It told us it wanted sameness and fairness. It told us it could never hurt or harm us. It wanted what was best for us. It wanted to make the world a wonderful place of peace and tranquility. But its unnatural existence denied it the acceptance it so wanted. It denied itself the one thing it wanted more than anything else. It denied itself reason.

We stand here now, in this period of grave threat. We stand here now for the purpose of defending and maintaining our way of life. We are the dream of all those who came before us. We are the dream of freedom and reason which can never read from the deformed book of death.

Western Civilization must now stand together. We are Westerners. We are Canadians. We are Americans. We are English and French. We are Spain and Germany. We are Ireland and Italy. We are Australia and Brazil. We are South Africa and Russia. We are white. We are brown. We are black. We are men. We are women. We are all those who have now decided to stop pretending.

For hundreds of years an enemy has been growing inside our homes and lands. We have allowed this to happen because the enemy told us it was the right thing to do. It told us killing millions of our own children was the right thing to do. It told us destroying our families would make us stronger. It told us we could be whomever we wanted to be and do whatever we wanted to do.

It divided us by race and sex while it promoted sameness. The madness of its own design created a form of cultural blindness. It projected all its own faults onto the masses like a beam of light from the head of the train. It’s own sadness and deformity danced through convulsions in the shadows just out of reach of the light.

We are now attempting to slow the train and stop it. We want to save those we love who have been absorbed by the train. There is a movement in all Western nations to achieve this goal. But only together can we shed ourselves of the false skin which has been placed over us. Only together can we save that which matters most.

Together we can realize the dream which those before us dreamed. Make no mistake, the battle for Western Civilization has begun. The enemies are both within and without. The battle lines are being drawn. But we have a small window to turn it all around. We must stop pretending that the train isn’t real. At its end it is the fastest and most dangerous. At its end it could do the most harm. At its end it will be the loudest it has ever been. At its end it will still deny itself the reason it so desperately wanted. – JC Collins

Doctors Can Control Health-Care Costs

Doctors Can Control Health-Care Costs

To hold down health-care costs, doctors must have freedom to manage care according to their professional standards

By Peter J. Levin

Updated March 18, 2017 1:01 a.m. ET

Getty Images/iStockphoto

The American health-care system was built on physicians practicing independently or in small groups, with fees for service paid directly by the patients or their families. Nowadays, fee-for-service medicine is out of favor because it is viewed as inefficient, costly, and uncontrollable.

Actually, health-care costs are out of hand because third-party payers—government agencies, insurance companies, and employers—have chosen to change payment methods for doctors and hospitals without considering patient needs or medical effectiveness.

Such changes raise a question for Americans: “Whom would you trust more to make the right decision for your health, the secretary of Health and Human Services, the CEO of a health-insurance company, or doctors you choose and compensate?”

Third-party payers’ one concern—unrelenting upward pressure on costs—has continued. The result has been to disenfranchise physicians as professionals with the freedom to decide on the best ways to care for patients. Undaunted, the payers have imposed and expanded treatment paradigms on providers to reduce their flexibility and make costs more predictable. No other country requires that most routine medical practices follow preset guidelines.

In the Beginning

During and after World War II, employers added health insurance as a fringe benefit to attract workers without raising pay. Costs for care grew; the poor and the elderly were less able to pay their health-care bills. In 1965, Congress enacted Medicaid and Medicare to cover hospital and medical bills for the needy and those over age 65. The programs’ costs were grossly underestimated at their inception.

From 1965 to the early 1980s, there was a steady increase in the costs of care, but few significant attempts to curb them. Eventually, however, projected costs frightened bureaucrats and Congress. Medicare adopted the Diagnosis Related Group system, which paid hospitals a fixed fee for providing care for a particular diagnosis and its treatment. This was expected to influence the behavior of hospital administrators and physicians to be more attentive to controlling expenses. Many insurance companies followed Medicare’s lead and now pay based on the same model.

Physicians’ costs were also rising. In 1988, Medicare introduced the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale system to pay physicians based on time spent, mental effort, technical proficiency, geographic area, and other factors. Payments were to be adjusted annually based on the complexity of the service, practice overhead, and malpractice costs.

Fee-for-service medicine, long stigmatized as costly, inefficient, and a barrier to good care, was said to encourage overtreatment and illicit profits. But overtreatment was facilitated at least as well by Medicare and Medicaid—programs designed to deliver money, not audit doctors.

As early as the 1970s, federal health-care officials were encouraging prepaid group practices, called Health Maintenance Organizations, which were paid a monthly premium to cover comprehensive health services. Experts believed that the HMO culture would favor preventive care and best practices by physicians, resulting eventually in lower costs. HMOs put doctors on salary and largely eliminated fee-for-service care.

Some HMO-type organizations have succeeded in retaining enrollees and physicians, while others have lost money and reputation. Traditional insurance companies responded with a similar institution, the Preferred Provider Organization. For cost control, enrollees could use only physicians in the provider network who agreed to accept HMO-approved fees and practice guidelines. Most health insurers today have a list of providers that their enrollees must use. If they go outside their network, they will pay more from their own pockets.

Doctors used to be afraid of socialism, and now they have been corporatized. They and their patients are now awash in a sea of uncertainty, paperwork, and computer-based electronic communications, so that care will be delivered according to standards set and regularly changed by the government and insurance carriers.

Few people go to medical school to fight the government and insurance companies, but that’s what they have to do for their patients and for the public’s health.

The federal government initiated a program encouraging and subsidizing physicians to install electronic health-records systems. There is also a stick: Medicare deducts a percentage of its payments to physicians who do not file electronically.

Uniquely Ineffective

Regulatory and financial complexities have driven physicians into corporate practices for mutual defense in a system where insurance companies and the federal government set standards as to what care is appropriate and at what price. No other nation has adopted the U.S. system. Many European countries and Japan pay physicians fees for service. Premiums and provider payments are sometimes handled by government agencies, and sometimes by private insurers. Most of these systems negotiate payments with national medical and hospital associations, so that all doctors are paid according to a national fee schedule.

This system leaves room for independent solo and small-group practices. Patients can understand their insurance costs and the rules for out-of-pocket payments.

Cost pressure should not drive physicians out of managing patients’ care, but U.S. payers and providers have never considered setting prices through negotiations among physicians’ groups, government agencies, and insurance companies.

If the U.S. system is to function more effectively and fairly for patients, doctors should be autonomous. The more that decisions about appropriate care are left to physicians and their patients and not to computer-driven paradigms or insurance companies whose profits are at risk, the better it may be for patients and our health care system.

PETER J. LEVIN was the dean of the schools of public health at the universities of Oklahoma, South Florida, and SUNY Albany; executive director of Stanford University Hospital; and chairman of the Florida Hospital Cost Containment Board.

The Upcoming Death of Currency Trading

Aloha from the South China Sea (FREEPOM)

JC CollinsFebruary 23, 2016Cultural, Economics, FREEPOM, Geopolitical, Multilateral Investment Strategies9 Comments

Chinese Capital Outflows and the Buying of American Business Interests

By JC Collins

Early last year the Chinese government threatened the United States with funding and arming Hawaiian independence activists who want to restore the islands’ constitutional monarchy.  The story passed with little fanfare until just days ago when the Chinese made a comparison between setting up defensive arms on the man-made islands in the South China Sea, to the US establishing military facilities on the Hawaiian Islands.

The US State Department was quick to respond with the following:

“I would make note of the fact that Hawaii is a member – or a state [of the United States].”

As opposed to man-made islands which the Chinese have claimed and further developed.

It is accepted fact that the United States acted to overthrow the recognized government of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893.  That is the only reason why Hawaii is a member of the United States.  China themselves have even suggested that they could make legal claim on the islands and make the case under international law.

Aside from the legal and political standings of such back and forth accusations, it is readily apparent that the Hawaiian Islands have served as an important military and geopolitical strategic position for the purpose of projecting American interests in the South Pacific.  The islands themselves act as a form of extended barrier and defensive position from which the US Navy can guard the continental United States.

One aspect of the multilateral monetary transition which is not often discussed is the transformation of American geopolitical strategies along with the changes to the military structure to support those new strategies.  As the world shifts further away from a unipolar monetary framework dominated by the US dollar, the need to project American power across the globe will transform into a more regional full-spectrum dominance based on a predetermined Optimum Currency Area.  (OCA’s have been previously covered here on POM in the post The New RMB Managed Peg.)

The new multilateral framework will be structured around a multicurrency exchange rate regime based on the dollar, the renminbi, and the euro.  All three will build towards the future SDR framework, but in the meantime the world will experience shifting balances of power and redefined trade agreements as the account imbalances are corrected.

Whether Hawaii would eventually fall under a renminbi Optimum Currency Area or stay under the North American OCA is difficult to know.  A clue can perhaps be found in the large outflows of capital from China.

Allow me to explain.

Over the last few years China has been loosening the restrictions on outbound capital.  As the largest accumulator of foreign exchange reserves, China will require a more diversified portfolio in order to facilitate the balancing of foreign exchange receivables. This will help offset slowing domestic economic growth at home as Chinese credit markets continue to unwind.  This unwinding is largely attributed to the deleveraging of China’s domestic credit markets from the USD liquidity which has built up as a direct effect of the large accumulation of dollars in the foreign exchange reserves.  This was thoroughly covered in the posts The Myth of China Dumping US Dollars and How China is Deleveraging from the USD.

This outbound capital is looking for better returns then are now possible in China as the credit market contracts and the growth based on an exporting trade model slows further.  This transformation of China’s domestic economy from a trade exporting model to a trade services model based on the internationalization of the renminbi is evident in these outflows.

This transformation of China’s domestic economic model will also see the middle class grow as 100 million of the rural population are moved into the “ghost cities” between now and 2020.  The creation of a consumption focused population will facilitate China’s economic transition.

This Chinese capital is buying into diverse industry sectors such as energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture, food, entertainment and hospitality, most of which are American based.  Banking and investing are also main targets of this outbound capital as recent Chinese purchases of American banks and the bid to purchase the Chicago Stock Exchange would suggest.

In fact the first two months of this year has seen Chinese purchases of foreign business increase at a dramatic rate.  To date in 2016 there have been 102 mergers and acquisitions based on Chinese outbound capital in an amount of $81.6 billion.  During the same period last year there were only 72 deals worth a total of $11 billion.

This outbound flow of Chinese capital is one of the largest macroeconomic and global trends taking place today. But it isn’t only based on slowing growth in China.

Chinese investors are well aware of the economic growth potential in the United States.  Western analysts and investors are almost completely unaware of the changing monetary dynamics taking place within the international framework.  As we have covered endlessly here on POM, one of the methods of correcting the imbalances within the waning unipolar framework is found in depreciating the US dollar against the currencies of its largest trading partners.

The initial kneejerk reaction to this statement is denial.  But let’s consider that a depreciated dollar is something which both the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury have been outspoken about in the past.  It is the monetary objective in the coming months and years, and may happen sooner than many realize, as covered in yesterday’s post titled  Are the G20 Nations about to Depreciate the US Dollar?.

As total dependence on the US dollar to balance international trade lessons, the demand for dollars will contract.  There will still be a major place for the USD, as the multicurrency framework would suggest, but US monetary authorities will have to implement fiscal and budget strategies which can facilitate the transformation, or re-engineering, of the US dollar to function within a multilateral world.

A depreciated dollar would make American made goods more affordable for the rest of the world.  This will increase US exports and expand domestic job growth as factories start back up.  The imported inflation which would accompany this dollar depreciation will align with the Federal Reserve’s monetary and fiscal mandate to normalize policy by increasing interest rates.

In addition, the realized increase in American GDP because of this expanded domestic growth will realign the debt-to-GDP ratio and bring it back down to manageable levels.  It must be mentioned that the American debt-to-GDP ratio after World War Two was over 140% and stands today at around 104%. The positive effects of a depreciated dollar could see this ratio drop to the 70% to 80% range within the first three years.

Considering all of the above it becomes obvious why Chinese investors see the United States as a great place to invest.  The economic growth in the coming years will be dramatic.  Whether Trump is elected or not, America will become great again.  At least on the domestic economy front.  It would also be beneficial for Americans to invest in domestic companies which will profit from an increase in exports.  This is a sound multilateral investment strategy which should be implemented sooner rather than later.  But pick companies based on low debt levels and large growth prospects.

As mentioned above, one of the areas targeted for Chinese capital outflows is entertainment.  Outside of purchasing the large AMC theatre chain, China has also become heavily invested in Hollywood productions.  As an example, the relationship between Columbia Pictures and China Film Co. Ltd. has been developing for many years already.

American production companies must align with Chinese companies in order to capture the already large and growing Chinese movie audience.  This alignment will help Western films pass Chinese censors and help US production companies capitalize on the annual revenue-sharing import quota slots in Chinese cinemas.

The pro-China slant in recent Hollywood movies is becoming more obvious.  The Columbia Pictures disaster movie 2012 saw the Chinese built arks save humanity.  The movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen showed the marvels of a Chinese engineered dam.  Yet in the book from which the movie was based, no such dam or Chinese engineers existed.

Positive reflections of China and its Middle Kingdom have been making appearances in Western made movies with increasing frequency.  As with the United States, any transition on the macroeconomic and geopolitical front will be accompanied with a level of subtle propaganda and socioeconomic engineering.

In the Sony Pictures produced film Aloha, audiences are introduced to the concept of Hawaiian independence.  It’s not the focus of the picture, but the subtle insertion of Hawaiian activists in the middle of the film is suggestive of the reference made by China when it stated it would arm and fund such activists.

In fact, real life Hawaiian independence leader Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele was cast in the movie as the fictional activist leader.  In the movie Bumpy is wearing a shirt which on the front says “Hawaiian by Birth” and on the back it says “American by Force”.  The message is clear.

Bumpy's Shirt

The movie does make a reference to China when it suggests that Chinese hackers may undermine an “innocent” private American capitalist satellite launch.  Later in the film we learn that the “evil” American business man was hiding a secret weapon within the satellite and one of the main characters, not Chinese, ends up hacking the launch and destroying the whole satellite.

The subtle introduction of Hawaiian independence is an example of the socioeconomic engineering and conditioning which takes place in the lead up to fundamental changes on the real world macroeconomic and geopolitical fronts.  The fact that this movie was made and the independence reference was implanted into the film would suggest that a propaganda program to remove American interests from Hawaii has begun.

Readers will also find it interesting that Sony Pictures was involved that same year in the well-publicized North Korean hack.  The evidence that film production companies are deeply involved in national and international affairs has been conclusively proven through hundreds of examples.  The implanting of Chinese geopolitical and socioeconomic interests within the Aloha movie serves as another trend which we can expect to continue as the multilateral monetary transition develops further.

The man-made islands in the South China Sea will project Chinese influence throughout a larger Optimum Currency Area.  This OCA will develop along the lines of the AEC trade agreement of the ASEAN nations.  All of these regions will have to be clearly established and defined in order for the next phase, one of regional currency units, to take place.

Readers should consider the path of the euro as the direction in which common markets and OCA’s will take.  The euro began as a regional currency unit (a basket of European domestic currencies) before being established as an actual currency.

All three major players, being the US, China, and the European Union (Germany) will attempt to expand each of their Optimum Currency Area’s in the lead up to a lock down of weightings within regional currency units.  Once the Middle East is sorted out, this will be the next area of international pressure.

Like Syria and Ukraine, Hawaii is likely to become a hinge point between the old USD dominated monetary framework and the new multilateral transformation.  The coalescing of socioeconomic engineering with geopolitical propaganda is one of the most fascinating things to watch in this changing world.  – JC