More hidden gold than you think


As interesting and, indeed, as important as this information was, there was a still more significant surprise awaiting me. According to Tom, Sukarno’s trustee explained that all this gold and other plunder was originally intended:

“…to be the reserve for a third world non-aligned nations bank that Sukarno was going to set up with HQ in Indonesia.”

In one stroke much of the smoke and mirrors that had surrounded Dr. Damanik’s own reticent explanations to Peter Johnson were clarified.

Sukarno’s plan to found a non-aligned world bank is of the greatest historical significance. The establishment of such a powerful entity possessing gold reserves that dwarfed those available to the West would have sent shivers of fear down the backs of Western governments and the European and US banking fraternity, which just a few years earlier had concluded the Bretton Woods Agreement, resulting in the establishment of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Both institutions remain the primary vehicles for keeping Third World nations impoverished — a fact that benefits a wealthy West dedicated to a social structure dependent on consumerism.

It is more than likely that this plan for a non-aligned nations’ world bank formed the substantive backdrop to the 1955 Bandung conference of non-aligned nations that so clearly caused concern for the Bilderberg group in 1955 — and which Dr. Damanik darkly referenced in his discussions with Peter Johnston. Founding such a bank would certainly have galvanized the intelligence community into action and may very well amount to the real motive — and hitherto an even deeper secret — behind the CIA’s decision, commencing 1955, to corral and then overthrow President Sukarno.

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