More on hidden gold

But in reality it reveals a part of the biggest gold secret… The Netherlands were Indonesia’s colonial master and they could wangle most of the Indonesian gold, which was stored in the Netherlands. When the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940, they of course stole all of this gold, but could keep it only for a few years, until the US troops invaded Germany in 1945. Indonesia declared itself independent on 8/17/1945 (in the sign Leo = gold). The Indonesian president 1945-67 was Sukarno, born on 6/6/1901 on the end times axis. After WW2 Sukarno negotiated for a long time what to do with the Indonesian gold. The Swiss UBS was involved and there are also connections to the Golden Lily 777. Finally on 11/21/63 John F. Kennedy signed the “fund revolution” in Geneva, Switzerland, over 57,150 tons of gold and actually more than the double than that, because of 2.5% interest rates per year. This is $4-5 trillion in terms of today’s gold price. In the evening of 11/21/63 US vice president Lyndon B. Johnson told his lover that from the next day on he would no longer have problems with the Kennedys and on the next day 11/22/63 Kennedy was murdered…

In 2016 this issue began to boil up, in March 2016 the Indonesian president Joko Widodo (born on 6/21/61 also on the end times axis) traveled to the Netherlands for negotiations, just before he turned 666 months old. Moreover, the previous US presidential candidate Kerry contacted the White Dragon Society and that’s why he also was in Antarctic on the day of the US elections. According to Benjamin Fulford the negotiations are mainly near 74°S 164°E (near the Mario-Zucchelli station) and 66°S 99°E. Fulford gets information from all sorts of white and black sources, so he is a mixed bag, but his average truth content has risen to 60-70%.

Since 2016 I have said one should watch Antarctic closely, as this is where a lot is going on. One issue of the negotiations is who gets what parts of Antarctic after the pole shift. The stakes are high, because after the pole shift a continent larger than Europe in the temperate zone can be settled and exploited (commodities). This explains why Turkey suddenly claims some parts of Antarctic to be Turkish… As usually, traditional political ‘experts’ grab 0.00% of what is really going on behind the scenes. Without doubt, the gold price is heavily influenced by the secret negotiations in Antarctic, where the Galactic Federation is a player, too. At present reptilian agents play for time, they commit to obligations that they will never keep.

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