Reverse Speech Explained

Excerpt: ”

The source of Reverse speech occurs in two ways.
Firstly, this mode of communication is automatically generated by the right brain when we are using our first mode of communication known as forward speech, which is generated from the left brain. The left brain is the logical thinking, detail orientated, sequential and rational side of the brain. It is analytical, objective, and looks at the parts of a thing first, before assembling it into a whole. The right brain is the creative thinking, random, intuitive side of the brain which is “big picture” orientated looking at the whole first.  It is holistic, philosophical, imaginative, deals in symbols and images and uses feelings and emotions.

Secondly, Reverse speech originates from many parts of the human mind, the multiple levels of human consciousness. This includes the conscious, unconscious, subconscious, collective consciousness and our higher conscious mind otherwise known as Spirit. Below I will explain each of these levels of consciousness and give examples of reverse speech in each of these categories which I have found personally when listening to recordings backwards.”

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