Inertia Snaps, from Half Past Human


Conclusion: Inertia snaps…
The general state of the population within USA that has brought on all the recent changes within the body politic is due to the deterioration of the economy over the last forty years of globalization. These last four decades have had the USAPop falling behind the rest of the global population in skill sets, and opportunities. That we fell behind is not due to the character of USAPop so much as it is due to the lack of character of the ruling political elites. The political elites have created a system that robs USAPop of its resources in order to support the ‘Deep State’ and its ‘addiction’ to ‘space alien technologies’. The robbery of USAPop has gradually escalated until it reached the point of taking more than 70% of the growth within our economic activity. This very large and damaging parasite grew so big as to force the host into radical change as it realized that was the only alternative to death. It may be helpful to think of the degrading infrastructure within USA, not as the result of bankers run amok, nor short sighted aversion to maintenance, but rather to the lack of capital due to robbery. The banksters were merely necessary stooges to support the robbery. The loss of the trillions of dollars from all of the various secret government programs has taken its toll on the population. Further exasperating the situation are the globalization initiative which shifted production jobs away from USA, as well as the ‘brain drain’ of the best of the engineers and thinkers being recruited by underground (Deep State) operations. These hidden ‘special access programs’ do not return value to the economy. And we need to note that since the 1970s, the Deep State and its underground laboratories have not been contributing to new technologies as they had across the two decades previous. It is as though they allowed just enough of the digital technology through our social order to provide the technical manufacturing base to support their next phase of the reverse engineering effort. And no more since.

The problem, from the point of view of a ‘secrecy state’, is that there is no end strategy. The idea of taking ever more secret over each and every year is never considered when one starts down this path. The decision is just made in the moment without thinking about the giant mass of secrets that will build up in even a relatively short 70/seventy years. Another missed component is that the world changes, in far less than seven decades the whole of the planetary ethos changes as generations come and pass.
Thus the secrecy state becomes isolated almost instantly merely trying to maintain its first, core, secrets. Quickly it becomes a creature captured by its own point of view. Within the secrecy state, everyone operates with the assumption that ‘this is normal’, or at least, ‘this is the way things are’. The nature of the secrecy becomes ingrained in the culture until it is the primary focus of much of the operation of the culture itself. Then, one day, universe has things change. Well, the change had already continuously been
manifesting, it’s just that one day, some people lift up their heads from their captured view, and then, recognizing that things have changed, they allow their minds to accommodate to their new perception, and for them, things change as well. That is the way it is here, on the surface of the planet as we too have been constrained by the culture of the secrecy state for these 70/seventy years. A whole generation has been born, raised, and lived under the rigid point of view of the secrecy state all the while being mostly ignorant of its existence. The tentacles of control of the secrecy state, and the constant drain of providing its lifeblood have held down the development of the above ground civilization to the point that the ruling elites, in league with the secrecy state, became infected with its vision, and as a consequence, imagined themselves all powerful….and so it goes, only at the height of the zenith does the direction of the motion change. Once the mind becomes aware, inertia snaps….and creative revolution manifests.
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