JC Collins on Cultural Segregation and the Failure of Multiculturalism

Excerpt: “The idea that the West is a culture of immigrants is true in that the immigration to the new world was predominantly sourced from Western nations throughout Europe. Each independent migrating culture had its own specific identity depending on the nation source, but also shared the one root culture.

As an example, those emigrating from Ireland shared the same Christian root culture as those emigrating from Ukraine, even though both cultures were different and unique.

This shared root culture migration served to strengthen the developing culture in North America. In this regard multiculturalism did strengthen the Western culture. But what we have now is mass migration taking place where different root cultures are flooding into the West and causing fragmentation and cultural segregation.

As in previous times, those who are migrating into the West are bringing their home culture with them and are segmenting off into non-diverse regions and areas much like the China Towns of old, or even Irish Boston. But where the China Town effect seemed to work and be accepted, the new form of cultural segregation is causing increased tension and growing violence.”

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