More proof of the Kali Yuga

Parma Is Giving Patti Smith a Photography Show and a University Degree

Wangechi Mutu Wins Anderson Ranch’s National Artist Award

Who Will Step in to Replace the NEA? This Woman Wants to Try (at Least a Little)

Carolee Schneemann Wins the Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion For Lifetime Achievement

The above are excerpts from the most recent news release of Artnet News.  While the visual arts include many fine visual works by women artists, those in the headlines above are neither such artists nor the promoters of such artists.  These are examples of the upside-down land quality of the Kali Yuga, where the leaders in every field are the worst sorts for the job.

In art the rise of the Word, the Idea, is symptomatic of the corruption of the Kali Yuga.  The deification of the mind perfectly portrays the upside-down approach.  Rather than recognizing the mind as a servant, and as the inherently weak instrument that it is, we have a system that creates a religion of the mind, placing it on an altar and subsuming the rest of the world beneath it.  The arts are particularly active in placing the feminine, the Moon, ascendant over the masculine, the Sun.  Nothing better portrays the upside-down nature of the Kali Yuga than this.  If a great female talent is active in the visual arts today, you can bet that she is less successful than any of the women named above.  People tend to picture political leaders when contemplating the Kali Yuga’s references to upside-down leadership, but it permeates every field of Human endeavor. The bad leaders in the arts and the new age arenas are simply more surprising than other fields; we seem to imagine that art and spirituality could be above the fray.

Artnet News is an uber-liberal, feminist and mind-oriented media source. It is apt in this Kali Yuga that it is considered a leader in the world of art news.

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