Clif High, Genetically Engineered Slaves

Conclusion from April ‘Two Tribes’ ALTA report: the Wild Strain

Within the woo-woo world, it is a more or less accepted as fact that humanity is a species created specifically to be slaves.

Let that sink in a minute.

You were created to be a slave.

Had the masters still been here when you were born, you would not be reading these words, if read you could!

Slavery alters the mind. For humanity, slavery left us with two deeply ingrained complexes that have wormed their way into our dna. The first is the trauma that comes from the ‘cleansing’ of the planet prior to the ‘reseeding humanity’. That trauma is still with each human alive today, recognized or not. In out planet’s past, shared with all the planets in this solar system, a devastating war occurred. This war destroyed a very large planet, creating the asteroid belt. This war destroyed the planet of Mars. This war scared earth to the point that perpetual deserts were created from north africa through the middle east and over to the western half of India. This war also scarred the north American south west. This war destroyed vast areas of south America as well. At some point in the last days of the war, half of the oxygen in our atmosphere was destroyed or blown away. It is thought now, by some in the woo-woo community, that weapons were used to create the environment for our current, frozen poles. Thus the supposition intends that Antarctica was deliberately frozen as an act of war.

It, and many other ‘natural’ features of our planet, are really the remnants of a great war. Once and forever labeled as the ‘War between the Gods’, we live in its shadow all the days of our lives.

There are tunnel and underground city systems all around earth, found on every continent, that are tens of thousands of years old. Some of these have evidence for human habitation of over 4000/four thousand years. There exists yet today, the potential to travel from Turkey to Paris without ever leaving the ancient underground tunnels and interconnecting passages within dense rock. What, do we suppose, could have had humans willing to live underground this way? Could it be the ancient ‘war between the gods’ spoken of in all the religions of the planet? Some in great detail….

A slave species of one side of the ‘god wars’ would perhaps be left to fend for itself while the ‘master races’ contend between themselves. Many of the slave species would have been scattered by the activities of the war. Given the situation of uncertainty, as well as who knows what form of weapons raining down, underground seems pretty good. In fact, it is still a preferred choice, as we see even these days with the power elites and their bunkers.

In the aftermath of the great war between the gods, one side wins, however it is but a Pyrrhic victory, and the winners themselves are driven away from earth. Perhaps driven out of our solar system. As near as we can ascertain at this time, they left. The ‘why’ of their leaving remains, as with much of this, a wad of mystery under a heap of conjecture wrapped up in the spitball of speculation.

The second ingrained mental complex of slavery is a ‘love for authority’. In fact, a ‘need to have love for authority’.

That we are an aggressive, violence oriented species requires, if we are to be effective slaves, a ‘switch’ that allows for our control. This ‘switch’ is an in-built, epigenetic activated, gene coding for what we term here at hph, ‘authority worship’. It will grasped that if this premise is correct, it accounts for the universal expression of hierarchical structures of control, aka ‘top down’ across all of humanity. It also accounts for the acceptance of the ‘external savior’ idea, as well as the promulgation of religions.

This love for authority is seemingly genetically in-built to humans. It appears to be there for the explicit purpose that we breed docility into our domesticated species. It also appears to be both, waning, and reactive to an epigenetic trigger. Thus it can be turned off. A number of humans express this genetic need to have ‘authority’ in their universe, and a growing number do not.

Now it is even recognized by the controlled medical establishment that there is a ‘mind control’ gene component to our composition. Not that they recognize their own organizational structure, and mind set for hierarchical, top-down decision making is exactly an expression of this gene complex. An interesting development from within the more free science of Russia is the acknowledgment that the mind control gene is easily altered by epigenetic factors in our environment. Such things as consuming cannabis, or too long an exposure to specific electromagnetic frequencies, or many other factors will simply shut off or degrade the genetic push in some humans to worship authority.

That was always a big problem for our creators. We were made different from previous iterations of our creator’s slave species. We find their bones still, large, non human, different skulls. They were destroyed to make room for us. We are smaller, not as intelligent (at least in some ways such as telepathy, et cetera), better able to take radiation, hard workers and other admirable qualities as slaves.

However, being humans, we bring that to the table. We are more aggressive, less controllable than even the last batch of slaves, and a general pain in the ass to be around. That is not why our creators left. It is presumed in woo-woo world that those who created us left either as a result of losing the war, or for some reason not related to our solar system.

Our current crop of ‘power elites’, mostly human, though warped by too much of the remnant interbreeding with the ‘over seers’ species that our creators used as an intermediary to humanity, are besotted with this tale of what they call the ‘progenitors’. Now days, after centuries of destroying real history and relics of ancient civilization on earth, the power elites have begun to treasure these links to ‘their’ past. They believe themselves to be descendant, more than the rest of us, from the creator species, and thus they have come to see the relics as their personal links to greatness, godhood, and glory. So they now horde them away, reserved only for the eyes of the blood elites.

But there is a problem for the power elites….they have a big fear….what if the creators are coming back? Thus the Vatican is dumping tens of millions of dollars scammed from charity to the poor into giant telescopes all around the planet….looking for the return. One would have thought the church to be more welcoming, than afraid, of the return of the messiah. But apparently not, as they are anxiously scanning distant space for ‘someone’ coming back in a space ship. This is, in my opinion, the core source for their dominating, and continuous, feeling of fear. It drives all their decisions.

All of humanity was created to be slaves.

Our species is not alone in that. There are many slave species out there in the vastness of universe. Even our paranoid power elite will now admit to trillions of trillions of planets…so you can bet your ass we have more slave species cousins out there.

We may well be different, if not unique, in that we are the slaves abandoned, the strain run wild. Lost to the vagaries of universe by a whim of universe, we humans are the self modifying genetic wild child in the galactic garden of created species. We are as universe wished us to be. Specifically universe arranged to have us isolated, and left to mature on our own.

Unique among slave species? Perhaps.

Extremely rare? Almost certainly.

Extremely valuable due to our rarity? Also, almost certainly.

They, the master species, are gone. What remains, are the remains. Ruins, and all our questions, about humans, universe, our creators, and what the hell to do next?

My thought is to say, fuck it! Human we are made, and human shall we be.

And we have an attitude!

So watch out cousins, here comes the wild strain!

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