Tyranny of the Masses

It’s become clear that there is no tolerance for the stripping of government largesse.  The milquetoast masses will tolerate any and all stripping of natural rights and independence, but the stripping of artificial rights, such as ignoring pre-existing conditions in the case of health care and the bureaucratic decision making in the case of the National Endowment for the Arts, are all third rail material.  A government that takes on the role of molding society and acting charitably is an upside down government.  Who can imagine a positive outcome to a system where taxes are taken at gunpoint and then distributed according to the whims of sociopathic politicians and toady bureaucrats, all under the guise of charity and cultural enhancement?

As in all matters in this age, the upside down rule applies.  Like an excerpt from Orwell’s 1984, we rename skullduggery charity, and like Monsanto’s rape of nature, bureaucrats who are the worse people for the job create a Culturally Modified Society per the dictates of evil puppeteers.

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