The End Times and the Fall of Israel

  • 7/26/15: announcement from the Israeli Temple Institute that the 3rd Temple will be built in Jerusalem – “accidentally” 666/2 days (+/-1) ahead of *the* financial event 2016 (BREXIT).  This announcement has been eagerly awaited (or feared) by the end times community for thousands of years.  The elites reacted immediately by withdrawing capital from Israel, as they fully comprehend the incredible meaning of this announcement.  After all, the final goal of Freemasonry is to build the third  temple…  The Israeli blue chip index Tel Aviv 35 printed the all-time high on 7/30/15, a mere 4 days after the news…  Moreover, the 13 years of outperformance of the TA35 against the FTSE All-World ended in August 2015, too (all-time high of the ratio close to 6.66).  In addition, within days the shekel set the all-time high against JPY (retest).  The odds that this is nothing but a “coincidence” can’t be neglected (P<0.1%).
  • Around 9/23/17 or 4/20/18 (666.1.5 days after 7/26/15) the concrete timetable for the construction will be presented.  Afterwards war declarations from all Muslim neighbors will follow, so that the Israeli assets (currency, stocks, real estate) will collapse.
  • 12/1/2018: Dr. Werner Papke already predicted 15 years ago that the temple will be constructed from 12/1/2018 on.
  • 3/19/19 (666+666 days after 7/26/15): beginning of the 42 months of the Great Tribulation, finishing of the temple and beginning of the sacrifice of the red heifers
  • Spring 2020: the animal sacrifices stop
  • December 2021: Israel begins to fall according to Nostradamus (after 73 years 7 months)

– newsletter excerpt

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