Those Pesky Puppeteers

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The human of the future is being engineered as an androgynous creation which will be of one race and will function within one spiritual and ideological belief structure. Those who may doubt this statement should reference the material published by Lucis Trust regarding the future of humanity and need to manufacture a future of human sameness. Lucis Trust has a special prayer room within the United Nations, which signifies its importance to the engineers.

It is pertinent to understand that the writings of Alice Bailey, which are published by Lucis Trust, represent a corruption of the process of spiritual transmutation. There is just enough truth there to capture the imagination but the externalization of the process which is promoted is a corrupt form of what is meant to be an internal process of self-realization and spiritual evolution.

– JC Collins

One thought on “Those Pesky Puppeteers

  1. I love this statement . A.Bailey was married to a 33rd degree FreeMason making her ‘channeled’ work by the Tibetan highly suspect. Nothing can replace inner knowledge. Thanks for posting.

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