What they sell you is not what you get

“The Anglo-American establishment would be allowed to have either Europe or the Middle East, but not both.  It was always going to be Ukraine or Syria, but never the two together.

Also confirming this thesis and analysis are the growing attempts to isolate Iran.  The emboldened anti-Iranian scripting has picked up steam throughout Trump’s visit to the Middle East and during the G7 summit.  It should be considered that Russia may turn on its allies in the Middle East, being Syria and Iran, in exchange for Ukraine and Europe.

It was never going to be both.  The Anglo-American strategy in Ukraine was leverage to use against Russia to get what it wanted in the Middle East.  The Anglo-American establishment would never give up resource poor Europe for the resource rich Middle East.”  – JC Collins excerpt

https://philosophyofmetrics.com/  (subscription required for this article)

These negotiations involve the deaths of millions and the spending of trillions.  Business as usual on planet Earth.

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