A friend’s take on the Paris deal

Since it seems people are confused with the Paris Agreement here’s the details as far as it pertains to the United States.
The US would have had to contribute up to nearly 1 Trillion per year. Paper manufacturing, cement manufacturing, and natural gas cut by up to 15-30%. Steel, iron ore and clean coal cut from 60%-80%. Millions of jobs would have been lost due to this.
Prices of not only energy, but EVERYTHING would have gone up. This was a deal not to save the environment but to make the United States the Worlds piggy bank. We get nothing from this deal.
Meanwhile the biggest polluter, China, doesn’t have to cut emissions until the year 2030 and can produce as many coal plants as they want. Wouldn’t you rather have us keep our jobs, low energy costs and figure out a way to increase making CLEAN COAL like we’ve been doing?
The next biggest polluter is INDIA and they only agreed to this treaty because they are getting HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars over the next few years to be in this deal.
We have some of the cleanest air and water in the world, some of the highest standards, and we have to dish out Trillions to OTHER countries while at the same time losing millions of our own jobs and prices skyrocketing here?! Are you KIDDING ME!?
– Robert Van Ness

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