A Fresh View of Economics and Society

J C Collins proposes a new form of socioeconomics based on “the fundamental principles of conscious manifestation from the single point of origin (Prime) and the Absolute law of interaction (Nomics).”


“The Absolute, or the un-fragmented wholeness from which all things are manifest, represents the single point of origin for everything which exists in the material and spiritual states. Further from the point of origin means the more fragmentation which takes place. Spirit, mind, emotion, and body are all fragments of the one thing. As each of these becomes manifested in the material world further fragmentation takes place. There are limits to the amount of fragmentation which will be allowed to take place, but that end has not been reached.”

“Economics and governance are two human concepts which exists as fragments of the one thing. This one thing is of course also a fragment so it will do the reader well to imagine fragmentation taking place in all directions simultaneously. An evolution and devolution which cannot exist separate.”

“The extreme right is inherently selfish while the extreme left is forced selflessness. Both arc points are severely destructive as fragmentation is encouraged but not considered a part of the fundamental structure which both are built upon.

Individual human beings require independence in order to work through their own process of de-fragmentation. The left and right divisions hinder this mental process in the same fashion that religion hinders the spiritual process.”

The full article can be found here with a subscription: https://philosophyofmetrics.com/

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