The Puppeteers’ Adversarial Efforts

“It’s always difficult to express and visualize esoteric concepts. Let me try something. The self-corrupting power in this world is attempting to remove division and fragmentation through force and material conditioning. This will cause only more corruption and fragmentation. The material world is meant to be diverse and fragmented; as such an environment provides the educational lessons which assist each of us in de-fragmenting our internal divisions and conflicts. Internal and external have an inverse relationship of sorts. Attempting to force the de-fragmentation of the material world (make us all one androgynous species under one system of governance) will cause further internal division and fragmentation. These internal deficiencies, supported externally, interrupt the true process of inner transformation. It is this alchemical process which is the ultimate destiny of both matter and spirit.”  JC Collins (subscribe here for the full article:

Major End Times Event

“since 7/17/17 (with the 777) the Temple Mount is under Jewish control, for the first time in thousands of years.  The 7/17 date was already encoded on the $1 banknote.  Since the 6-Day War around 6/6/67 (with the 666) the Temple Mount has been managed by the Muslim Waqf.  Already 800 years ago the Jewish rabbi Judah Ben Samuel implicitly pointed to the Jubilee year 2017 as the beginning of the Messianic end times, as he correctly identified the jubilees as the big turning points in the history of Jerusalem.  He stated that Jerusalem would be governed by Turkey for 8 jubilees (8×50=400 years 1517-1917), afterwards it would be a no-man’s-land for 50 years (1917-67), before being reclaimed in the next jubilee (1967-2017 since the 6-Day War), to be followed by the beginning of the end times. The rabbi lived in the territory of today’s Germany close to the Untersberg Mountain, which allowed him to access the end times events. Actually the Untersberg Mountain is the next Temple Mount, for almost 1,000 years…” – newsletter

Recontextualizing World War Two

Excerpt: “One example of this is the Nazi invasion of Russia. Western banking and corporate interests supported the creation and expansion of Nazism. This irreconcilable fact has been the subject of much speculation and research. But once Great Britain declared war on Germany the reluctance on America’s part to join the war became even more concerning. It was only when Germany’s defeat in the Battle of Moscow became obvious that America finally joined the war.

The Battle of Moscow took place between October of 1941 and January of 1942. Hitler went all in on invading Russia while still fighting on the Western front. This fateful decision has always been debated amongst historians. But what is never noticed is the timeframe surrounding the inevitable German loss in Russia and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Russia launched its decisive counteroffensive on December 5, 1941. It was obvious at that point the Germans were beat and would not be able to hold their defensive positions. The defeat of Germany on the Eastern front was a certainty, and two days later, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Evidence proves that America knew this attack was going to happen and allowed it to take place as a pretext to enter the war.

Using the thesis of this series as our anchor point and filter to analyze these events, we can conclude that Russia, the nation that has never been successfully invaded and conquered by the world adversarial force, once again had to defend itself with the Nazi invasion. The power behind Nazi Germany supporting Hitler through Western banks and corporations used Germany, as in previous centuries, as a hammer against Russia.”

Our Primary Adversary

The driving force behind everything we do not want, everything we do not wish for, is the subconscious.

We will now learn to change this aspect which is ill-disposed towards our “I”  to such an extent that not only will we be able to render it harmless but, on the contrary, it will help us to realize our wishes.  In the material world the subconscious requires time and space for its realization, two fundamental principles which any thing or object must have in order to be transferred from the causal world to reality.

When we withdraw time and space from the subconscious, then this opposite polarity ceases to exert its influence upon us; consequently we are able to realize our wishes through the subconscious.  The key to the practical application of auto-suggestion is the sudden disengagement of the subconscious.

  • Franz Bardon, Initiation into Hermentics

Jane Austen

Let it be known: Acclaimed author Jane Austen was not afraid to trash the work of lesser authors. An 1812 letter penned by the celebrated novelist, skewering a book by one of her contemporaries, sold for £162,500 ($209,300) at Sotheby’s London on July 11.

The missive was addressed to Austen’s niece, Anna Lefroy. In it, Austen writes unsparingly of Rachel Hunter’s gothic novel Lady Maclairn, the Victim of Villainy, calling it “most tiresome and prosy.” Despite the volume’s shortcomings, aunt and niece took great pleasure in reading the melodramatic, sensationalist, clichéd text. Apparently, so-bad-it’s-good is not a modern phenomenon.

“Austen hugely enjoyed ridiculing other women writers and their improbable, sentimental and gothic plots,” Janet Todd, editor of Cambridge University Press’s edition of Austen’s complete works, told the Guardian. “She knew well her own literary powers—and probably learned a good deal of what not to do by reading the interminable romances and effusions of contemporary authors.”

  • from Artnet News

Earth Changes

“Modelspace continues to maintain growth in sets for ‘seismic activities’ for these next few years, that will, to those humans just being caught up in the general awakening wave, seem to spring from these three months of July, August, and September. This impression that the ‘beginnings’ of the seismic activities are coincident with the massive changes in the global human social order over July through to October are showing up in our data as being significant to the times; this is to say, ’emblematic’ or ‘iconic’ temporal markers of our short term future. Stated another way just for clarity, in July of 2020,
people will look back and say, “you know, it all began, that Summer, of 2017”.” – Clif High

Ancient and Modern Manipulation

“The esoteric priest class of the ancient world who managed the great mystery schools were forced into hiding before the rise of the original Phoenician Empire. The weakness infiltrated the schools and harnessed a corrupt version of the great teachings for their own purposes, including the important learnings and self-realizations of the esoteric Phoenix itself. Every religion on the face of the planet today has descended to us from this corrupt version. Even the Eastern religions have been influenced through invasion and cultural subjugation. The migration of the Eastern religions into the Western world has only furthered the fragmentation of the original teachings.

The corrupt version of the priest class which emerging within the Phoenician Empire used the same symbolism and headdress as the Catholic Church and Pope does today. These symbols and customs were also brought into Egypt once the Phoenicians subjugated them. These characteristics have been passed down through the ages and are meant to continue being used in the future. The statements of the modern Pope regarding the “dangerous alliance” between Russia and America is an example of how the Phoenician priest class thousands of years ago used similar strategies to attempt the fragmentation of Egyptians and Hittites alliances.

Another interesting aspect of the Phoenician Empire is that it was structured and governed through the “City State” model. We see this in the modern world through the control framework which is representative of the city states of Washington DC, the Vatican, and the City of London. All three can be considered the military, religious, and banking arms of the new and emerging Phoenician Empire.”

  • JC Collins


Sunni Islam and the Creditor Nations

“The list of nations in the Paris Club includes a high percentage of those who are experiencing massive migration from the third world and the subsequent social instability which follows. Terrorism and other methods of fragmentation are being used to influence and forever change the demographic of these nations.

The objective of such a strategy is broad and would include multiple outcomes and end results. The migration which is taking place is predominantly of Sunni Muslims. As we are discussing in other articles, Sunni Islam has been at odds with Russia and Shiite Iranian/Persian culture for a long time. The Sunni terrorism which is happening around the world is reshaping the geopolitical landscape to make alliances between these nations much more difficult.” – excerpt from post by JC Collins

The Last Shall Be First

Many countries require an immigrant to deposit a large amount of money for several years, make outright payments, come without dependents, have international celebrity,  bring a business or offer some combination of the above.  Australia’s population, Israel’s, S. Africa’s and others have a long history of immigration.  However, they have added rules over time to ensure the economic and social stability of the population.  In Switzerland a prospective citizen is required to live in the country for some number of years, at the end of which their neighbors vote to determine if citizenship is to be allowed.

This brings me to the point of this post which is that the very last people we want to immigrate here are at the top of the government’s list.  I am talking about America’s collaborators from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.  These are the people who, when their country was invaded and occupied by a foreign power, chose to assist and collaborate with their oppressors.  Treacherous people who betray their people are ordinarily shunned and shamed.  But here the government of the US, being the international gangster that it is, uses taxpayer monies and political power to grant these people of poor ethics and questionable morals to be first in line to gain US citizenship.  The last people we want here (imagine your neighbors collaborating with a military invasion and occupation here), are the first in line to become our neighbors. Welcome to upside-down land.