The Male Starved Culture

And How Trump is Using Game Tactics to Psychologically Rape the Left

The liberal left has a big problem.

Outside of eating itself over its own absurd policies of pop culture socialism and personal unaccountability, it is faced with the one thing it cannot beat. The leftist ideology has spent decades pounding on the evil male patriarchy and its perceived forms of governmental and cultural influence. But for all its efforts and scheming the male power dynamic is alive and stronger than ever.

You see, the male demographic has remained quiet for a long time. The strength which exists within the male spirit allowed it to hibernate while the world went insane. All the brute force in material existence cannot come close to matching the power of a well-timed and well-placed strategy. That is exactly what is taking place in the world now.

The cultures which developed since the beginning of human thought and organization all developed around the strong male power dynamic. This power dynamic has always been harnessed and focused by the passive female dynamic. Together both built vast civilizations and empires which spanned across the face of the earth and through the gates of time.

The male was the aggressive front force fighting the elements, nature, and other men. The female was the passive supported and tempered heart which gave men a purpose that was worth defending. This dynamic of life and existence begins to erode the moment either are removed or retarded.

A strong and vibrant relationship between the male dynamic and female dynamic makes a large powerful government redundant. The family unit and social structure which develops as a result of this relationship has carried humanity through tens of thousands of years, if not millions.

There was no need for a government or laws to force men to defend their families. Equally so, there was no need for a government or laws when men defended and cared for their families. The eventual corruption of the human heart across the male and female power dynamic ensured that both became dysfunctional and reliant upon the same governance and control mechanism which began to erode the relationship in the first place.

The characteristics of a strong male, and in turn a strong male cultural dynamic, are aligned with inner and outer strength, wisdom, patience, perseverance, leadership, empathy, and accountability for oneself and others. These are all virtues and characteristics of a balanced and healthy culture. All of which are missing in our modern world.

The vacuum this deficit created has sucked in countless lives of both males and females. It has destroyed families and caused the deaths of hundreds of millions over the last few centuries alone.

A culture without a strong male power dynamic is like a rudderless ship lost at sea. The captain tells everyone onboard not to worry and trust him and the crew to take care of everything. But as times goes on it begins to become obvious that neither the captain nor the crew know what they are doing. The passengers start to become restless and wary of each other and the environment. Fights break out and some hoarding of food and other supplies have to be managed and controlled by the captain and crew. Eventually the captain and crew decide its in their own best interests not to share at all.

You see were I’m going with this. The rise of large governments and outright socialism are a response to the erosion of a strong male leadership dynamic in society. The glue which holds everything together is the relationship between the male and female dynamic. When one or both are corrupted and missing, the state steps in to take a firmer grip on the reins of power.

Generation after generation of males and females have been inflicted with the worlds greatest propaganda campaign. Everything from drugs and alcohol, pornography, radical feminism, taxation, and the promotion of selfishness have been used to erode and corrupt the timeless power dynamic.

But that is the point. It is timeless. One or two centuries of socioeconomic and cultural engineering will not remove millions of years of instinctual human development. The dynamics will lay dormant and wait for the right time to act. This all takes place on a subconscious level where everyday thought and reasoning cannot penetrate.

Some early indicators of what we are talking about can be found in the studies which are beginning to emerge stating that Generation Z will be the most conservative generation in the last hundred years. How is it possible that the most indoctrinated generation are able to see through the corruption and hatred of the lefts identity politics and its creeping socialism?

Though both the male and the female power dynamics have been eroded, each have been used in different ways with different results. Males have been subjected and demoralized as bad and negative, while females have been promoted and empowered to view males as less than.

This disparity has had a dramatic effect on the culture which has developed. It has pushed the male and female powers further and further apart. Males no longer see a reason to take on the traditional and natural role which developed over millions of years. Women are no longer able to provide males with a purpose worth defending. Neither want it that way but have been unable to reconcile the differences and origins of those differences.

The game tactics used by the modern male to pickup psychologically distressed females is the template by which we can begin to understand what is happening today across the cultural and political spectrums. These tactics use the females natural instincts against them. When we recognize that the liberal culture which has developed is the macro version of the micro corrupted female power dynamic, we begin to see the purpose of Donald Trump and his strategy. This strategy is becoming extremely effective against the left power structure that is arrayed against him.

As an example, one of the favourite techniques used by the modern male to bypass the females learned defences is to agree and amplify. Imagine a female points out some sort of flaw in the male. Whether its true or not, the male wouldn’t start to defend, but would simply shrug and agree while doubling down and doing the exact thing the female pointed out. This shows confidence and indifference to seeking acceptance from the female. The male is the power dynamic and alpha who decides the course of events. The female desires this simulated game-strength and aligns accordingly.

We see Trump doing exactly this with the liberal-left establishment and its media representatives. The corrupted female power dynamic has been promoted to such an extent in our culture that it now represents the actual framework of the governance structure. The corrupted male power dynamic found a way to take advantage of the new relationship environment which is exactly what Trump is now doing on a larger platform.

The latest Trump Tweet with him taking down CNN in a wrestling move, or the comments made about the MSNBC reporters, are designed as agree and amplify chess moves. The more they tell him he is unstable and not fit for the office of President the more he will double down and pound them hard with his Tweets and radical statements. These are meant to knock them off balance and ensure they continue the same sort of attacks which are only serving to further erode their own cultural and political base.

Just like our male starved culture has produced females who are desperately seeking strong male relationships, our political environment and macro culture have been starved of the strong male power dynamic which Trump is simulating. The female who erodes her own power dynamic by jumping in and out of the beds of males who are simulating manhood is inflicting a sort of psychological rape on herself. The liberal-left is achieving the same thing by maintaining the corrupt dynamic it has with Trump.

With each Tweet and personal attack the liberal-left is further eroding and fragmenting. But it can’t help itself. It is operating within the only dynamic it knows, which is the one it created to further its own ends. This end is inevitable now that the new dynamic has been released and is no longer hibernating.

Males have been attacked for so long that the patience, perseverance, and tolerance they have shown is a testament to the actual strength of the male power dynamic. The fact that so many females are now beginning to awaken to the realization of what has been taking place and are demanding that men start acting like men again is also a testament to the strength and purpose which females provide to the overall dynamic.

Together both will realign the natural order of things and bring sanity back to the world. The simulation which Trump is representing will eventually be replaced by the real thing. Leadership is both a male and female quality. Though both are presented much differently. When male or female leadership has to be gained by stepping on the back of the other, we should give pause and reflect on what is actually happening. Through the proper application of the healthy male and female power dynamic, either can be in positions of leadership, fulfilling the manifested purpose of their respective destinies. – JC Collins

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