Foolish Consumers/Foolish Corporations

They go hand in hand, really, and the winner of this orgy of stupidity are the politicians.  The example I am thinking of is the demand for GMO labeling on the part of certain activists and the multi-million dollar response by Monsanto as they “successfully” rebuffed the urge to further “regulate” our food.  What they both overlooked is the power of a stubborn minority.

Chances are you are unaware that virtually every bottled drink you have bought had a mark on it identifying it as a kosher drink.  Why is this?  Those who only drink kosher drinks are a stubborn minority.  If it isn’t kosher, they won’t drink it.  Rather than lose this minority customer, or go to the expense of dividing every drink display into kosher and non-kosher, the manufacturers simply deliver kosher to everyone.  After all, between those who don’t know the drink is kosher and those who don’t care, not a single customer is lost.  Likewise, the seeming defeat by Monsanto of those who wanted all GMO food labeled as such has turned out to be a pyrrhic victory.  The stubborn minority who won’t eat GMO foods has resulted in those products without GMOs being labeled as such.  Who cares if GMO food is not labeled when every non-GMO product IS labeled?  By default any product not labeled non-GMO is GMO.  The outcome is identical.   The marketplace works where old fashioned bribery does not.  Despite clear evidence of the power of the stubborn minority, Monsanto spent millions yet failed to gain the market share they craved.

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