Science is Unnecessary When it Comes to the Global Warming Debate

And thank god it is.  How can any science or scientist be trusted? Most will happily whore themselves to anyone willing to write a check.  So how can we infer that Human induced global warming is fake?  First and foremost, it is supported by almost all governments. Governments, whether it’s the war on drugs or the war on Syria, never have the citizens’ best interest at heart.  They are simply gangsters and whatever they say is true is axiomatically not true.  This is the easiest litmus test, but it begs the question: why are they saying this?

For starters, why do governments, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, etc. all ignore the fact that animal husbandry has a far stronger impact on global warming statistics than do fossil fuels? (Link:  The answer is that it’s all about the need for multi-national corporations to exploit the third world.

The dead man walking demographics of the US, Europe and Japan mean that large corporations are facing a diminution of profits in the first world.  Their answer to this is to begin marketing to the third world.  This requires two events to work.  First, they need massive debt to be distributed to the third world.  The current reserve currency, the Dollar, can’t do this, and is now in retreat.  But the up and coming Renminbi can. Hence the Renminbi has been included in the SDR since last October.  This process is well along and is unstoppable.  The second issue is that multi-national corporations need regulations in place that do two things: hamper their smaller competition, and ensure that no catastrophic event allows a corporation to be destroyed (think Bhopal or the Exxon Valdez).  Traditionally this meant bribing politicians in the US and the European Union, a simple process for enacting regulations harmful to large corporations’ smaller competition, and for protecting them from nations and consumer groups.  With 196 countries this process becomes difficult and downright cumbersome.  What is needed is a global government that can ride roughshod over nations, allowing for one stop shopping for regulations harmful to the competition and other forms of bribery.  However, to run a global government global taxes must be collected.

Here’s where global warming comes into play.  US consumers are blind and deaf to the extent of their taxation.  Almost all liberals applaud the US having the highest corporate tax rate in the world and wish to harm any corporation that responds cleverly to this onerous corporate tax.  What they don’t realize is that corporate taxation is an invisible tax on the consumers.  The liberals like to imagine that the money comes out of the CEO’s salary or at least the shareholders’ income, but it doesn’t; by and large the cost is passed on to the consumer, who remains ignorant of this.  A carbon tax that will charge corporations based on their “carbon footprint” will be yet another hidden tax on the consumer, and it will be the means of funding a global government for the benefit of multi-national corporations.  As in many instances, it’s all a matter of following the money.

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