The Last Shall Be First

Many countries require an immigrant to deposit a large amount of money for several years, make outright payments, come without dependents, have international celebrity,  bring a business or offer some combination of the above.  Australia’s population, Israel’s, S. Africa’s and others have a long history of immigration.  However, they have added rules over time to ensure the economic and social stability of the population.  In Switzerland a prospective citizen is required to live in the country for some number of years, at the end of which their neighbors vote to determine if citizenship is to be allowed.

This brings me to the point of this post which is that the very last people we want to immigrate here are at the top of the government’s list.  I am talking about America’s collaborators from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.  These are the people who, when their country was invaded and occupied by a foreign power, chose to assist and collaborate with their oppressors.  Treacherous people who betray their people are ordinarily shunned and shamed.  But here the government of the US, being the international gangster that it is, uses taxpayer monies and political power to grant these people of poor ethics and questionable morals to be first in line to gain US citizenship.  The last people we want here (imagine your neighbors collaborating with a military invasion and occupation here), are the first in line to become our neighbors. Welcome to upside-down land.

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