Ancient and Modern Manipulation

“The esoteric priest class of the ancient world who managed the great mystery schools were forced into hiding before the rise of the original Phoenician Empire. The weakness infiltrated the schools and harnessed a corrupt version of the great teachings for their own purposes, including the important learnings and self-realizations of the esoteric Phoenix itself. Every religion on the face of the planet today has descended to us from this corrupt version. Even the Eastern religions have been influenced through invasion and cultural subjugation. The migration of the Eastern religions into the Western world has only furthered the fragmentation of the original teachings.

The corrupt version of the priest class which emerging within the Phoenician Empire used the same symbolism and headdress as the Catholic Church and Pope does today. These symbols and customs were also brought into Egypt once the Phoenicians subjugated them. These characteristics have been passed down through the ages and are meant to continue being used in the future. The statements of the modern Pope regarding the “dangerous alliance” between Russia and America is an example of how the Phoenician priest class thousands of years ago used similar strategies to attempt the fragmentation of Egyptians and Hittites alliances.

Another interesting aspect of the Phoenician Empire is that it was structured and governed through the “City State” model. We see this in the modern world through the control framework which is representative of the city states of Washington DC, the Vatican, and the City of London. All three can be considered the military, religious, and banking arms of the new and emerging Phoenician Empire.”

  • JC Collins


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