Recontextualizing World War Two

Excerpt: “One example of this is the Nazi invasion of Russia. Western banking and corporate interests supported the creation and expansion of Nazism. This irreconcilable fact has been the subject of much speculation and research. But once Great Britain declared war on Germany the reluctance on America’s part to join the war became even more concerning. It was only when Germany’s defeat in the Battle of Moscow became obvious that America finally joined the war.

The Battle of Moscow took place between October of 1941 and January of 1942. Hitler went all in on invading Russia while still fighting on the Western front. This fateful decision has always been debated amongst historians. But what is never noticed is the timeframe surrounding the inevitable German loss in Russia and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Russia launched its decisive counteroffensive on December 5, 1941. It was obvious at that point the Germans were beat and would not be able to hold their defensive positions. The defeat of Germany on the Eastern front was a certainty, and two days later, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Evidence proves that America knew this attack was going to happen and allowed it to take place as a pretext to enter the war.

Using the thesis of this series as our anchor point and filter to analyze these events, we can conclude that Russia, the nation that has never been successfully invaded and conquered by the world adversarial force, once again had to defend itself with the Nazi invasion. The power behind Nazi Germany supporting Hitler through Western banks and corporations used Germany, as in previous centuries, as a hammer against Russia.”

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