Major End Times Event

“since 7/17/17 (with the 777) the Temple Mount is under Jewish control, for the first time in thousands of years.  The 7/17 date was already encoded on the $1 banknote.  Since the 6-Day War around 6/6/67 (with the 666) the Temple Mount has been managed by the Muslim Waqf.  Already 800 years ago the Jewish rabbi Judah Ben Samuel implicitly pointed to the Jubilee year 2017 as the beginning of the Messianic end times, as he correctly identified the jubilees as the big turning points in the history of Jerusalem.  He stated that Jerusalem would be governed by Turkey for 8 jubilees (8×50=400 years 1517-1917), afterwards it would be a no-man’s-land for 50 years (1917-67), before being reclaimed in the next jubilee (1967-2017 since the 6-Day War), to be followed by the beginning of the end times. The rabbi lived in the territory of today’s Germany close to the Untersberg Mountain, which allowed him to access the end times events. Actually the Untersberg Mountain is the next Temple Mount, for almost 1,000 years…” – newsletter

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