The Puppeteers’ Adversarial Efforts

“It’s always difficult to express and visualize esoteric concepts. Let me try something. The self-corrupting power in this world is attempting to remove division and fragmentation through force and material conditioning. This will cause only more corruption and fragmentation. The material world is meant to be diverse and fragmented; as such an environment provides the educational lessons which assist each of us in de-fragmenting our internal divisions and conflicts. Internal and external have an inverse relationship of sorts. Attempting to force the de-fragmentation of the material world (make us all one androgynous species under one system of governance) will cause further internal division and fragmentation. These internal deficiencies, supported externally, interrupt the true process of inner transformation. It is this alchemical process which is the ultimate destiny of both matter and spirit.”  JC Collins (subscribe here for the full article:

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