Luciferian Hypnosis

From illuminatiMatrix:

Religion has hypnotized the human race. We have been convinced we are lost sinners and in dire need of a saviour. This fear-based trauma tactic has deceived humanity for centuries.

It is imperative to explain the many forms religion manifests itself. Our hope is the insidious and conniving mindset of the luciferian hypnosis will be recognized. This involves examining the origin of the number system. The creation of astrological, numerological and scientific formulae are based on the multiples of 10 and 12. We were introduced to these in grade school as the 10 times table and the 12 times table.

When simplified, the number system is based on 1, 2 and 3. The number system manipulates 1 beam of light with the duality of 2 opposing characteristics – positive and negative – north and south – male and female. These characteristics along with others, form the duality of religion. A beam of light has 3 primary colours (red – yellow – blue), 3 primary shapes (a line – curve – angle), 3 primary parts to sound (volume – tone – rhythm).

The system that manipulates energy can easily manipulate humanity when enough methods of seduction (or enough wires of thought, which is energy, are coiled around us, as in an electromagnetic field) are introduced. These systems are derived (similar to the basic religious trinity idea – see home page), from the manipulation of a beam of light. The single beam of light is highly symbolic and immensely powerful to the luciferian egregore group mind.

Notice that the illustration on the light beam chart depicts the atom symbol. The three primary colours overlap in the centre forming a hexagon. The hexagon represents the light of the world and is seen as black. The black hexagon is the pupil of the eye, the all seeing eye, the illuminated knowledge used to manipulate humanity.

The HEXAGON is symbolically represented as BLACK when considering SUBTRACTIVE COLOUR MIXING. When considering ADDITIVE COLOUR MIXING the HEXAGON is WHITE. This is the very nature of the DUALITY BASED luciferian egregore THOUGHT PROCESS. The thought process creates the illusion of black and white, good and bad, and every opposing notion within the 3D plane.

Here the colour black symbolizes wisdom and truth. Applying the luciferian mindset, which is the THOUGHT PROCESS, to undivided black light, creates a rainbow of divided light. Black light becomes divided light when the luciferian entity manipulates light energy through the THOUGHT PROCESS and attaches any notion of form. Light energy is sexual generative energy. It requires the dual nature of the light and dark energy to inter-sect or to inter-course, producing the SECT ACT, or the SEX ACT, thereby pro-creating.

Sexual energy is observed within the magnetic and electrical fields we experience in varying degrees in the 3D illusion. The ultimate sexual ecstasy is experienced when we are liberated from the luciferian hypnotic trance state, and awareness of what’s transpiring in the 3D realm, and for that matter, what the 3D realm actually is. Through sex we try achieve the ecstasy only awareness can provide. We attempt to reconnect and reclaim the original PARADISE STATE using ineffective and deficient means of substitution within the sex act, that can achieve nothing more than physical gratification. Sexual gratification is delightful, and does not in anyway impede the reconnection process to our original WISDOM STATE. However, even though sex is a pleasure, it pales in comparison to the bliss of awareness of what is transpiring in this 3 dimensional illusory state.

The luciferian thought process conjures up light. As individual thought charactistics are applied the whole black light becomes divided appearing to separate male and female. In other words, this illusion manifests as male and female, dividing and disconnecting us from awareness of our wisdom state. The original male/female oneness does not manifest in energy atoms. The original male/female knowing had no physical form or no physical atom energy. We were purely WISDOM, we were, and still are, FORMLESS, and fully WISE. However, the luciferian mind conjured the human form and the human psyche, and used this illusion as the receiving dish for the THOUGHT PATTERNS they wished to extend to us, manifesting as a 3 dimensional reality, and in the process disconnecting who we really are, WISDOM and FORMLESS, from our ETERNAL PARADISE STATE.

Keep in mind as you consider these words. There is no such thing as TIME, and this process is just occurring NOW, even as I write. It wasn’t initiated centuries ago, or untold billions of years ago. Its occurring right now.

Luciferian thinking entities cannot directly cause awareness to become unaware. They must first create the atom (the first Atom and Eye), and thereafter create systems based on the atom, such as religion, science and magic. These manipulate humanity through a physical sexual experience, or an energy exchange, distracting our awareness from reality to the illusory images presented to us. This is the process called HYPNOSIS. Hypnosis is simple MISDIRECTION of REALITY. This is why the world systems are based on sex ritualism and sexual innuendo, though very pleasant, they are very distracting and disconnect us from our eternal wisdom state if we allow our awareness of this luciferian sex driven thought process to destroy our connection to wisdom and reality.

#s, Trump and the 3rd Temple

The first explanation for the relative palladium strength is that it trades mainly like an industrial metal (as copper) and platinum more like a precious metal. That’s why only a PL investment exists, not in PD. However, this is not enough, e.g. PD has beaten copper by 20-30% since late 2016. The second factor is that the real strength began when the Last Trump was elected in early November 2016. The Donald was born on 14.6.46 with the double 46, the atomic number of palladium is 46: the 46 is the number of the construction of the 3rd Temple. The German researcher Dr. Werner Papke already wrote 15 years ago that the 3rd Temple will be built from 12/1/2018 on, so in late 2018/ early 2019 XPD could again profit.  –  newsletter

Movies Currently Playing

Below is from here:

“Here’s where Manik, a nawal I associate with sacredness, pilgrimage and initiation in general, meets me tonight:

To feel one with this world is not easy, to say the very least.

For years I’ve been reading and listening to Alan Watts (1-Imix). And he, in his genius and funny way, explains how the feeling of alienation towards the universe, into which you and I were born, is taken for granted to such an extent – it made ‘alienation’ transparent to us.

You and I grew up in, and we are living a movie called “In the beginning…” In this particular movie the universe is created, and like the universe, we are blessed creations. And the Creator commanded man – the essence of creation – to rule over and govern the rest of creation (including women, regretfully).

Like any other ruler, we alienate and feel superior to what we rule over (including people, regretfully).

And like any other ruler, we are scared of what we rule over.

As an aside, if Atheism is the movie you’re in, the discussion is void. Alienation towards the universe IS atheism. (Which doesn’t mean it’s not a swell movie to watch.)

However, the world is larger than the West, and there’s at least a couple more, completely different movies playing in other Theaters. The kind of movies which consider alienation more seriously.

For the better part of 5000 years, the Indians (some 1.3 billion strong) have been living a movie called “The universe is a stage, and we’re all on it.”

Sounds good! Ask any 20-30-year-old trekking up to Manali. You mean I’m an actor too? Much less alienation.

Around the same history timeline, but probably less so today, the Chinese’s (1.4 billion) movie title has been “The universe is natural, of itself – so”

– Now on VOD.

Here, human identity with nature is total, so alienation is the wrong way to go to begin with. It’s transparent, but the other way around. Alienation isn’t tolerated, so you don’t get to see it.

To feel one with this world means it’s OK that mosquitos are biting me now.”

Discrediting Ancestors

Personally I haven’t seen a statue I like since the days of Bernini and Donatello.  Still, how is the removal of old statues not a form of book burning? The veneration of hate on the Left is a sure sign of societal engineering.  Below is from a blog to which I subscribe:

From Another Time, Daily Tzolkin Digest: “In recent US news, I’ve noticed a new trend. Confederate generals and leaders of the civil war are being summarily deposed. Venerated, pedestaled heroes of verse and song become racist, bigoted zeros worth forsaking and forgetting. Actual statues are being torn down in the south, like they did with Saddam in Baghdad.

In the wake of recent racial-related violence, I can understand and sympathize with the reaction. There’s a reactive need to tear down material things, like statues, and to shed new light on occluded sides of previously unquestioned historical figures. Would it be an overreaction to begin rewriting history books? Maybe burn some of the ones beyond redemption?

What is lost in the process? How old is the baby we’re hurrying to throw away with stale bath water?

It might be too soon to say, but to me it smells like writing off confederate leaders as mere racist, bigoted, slave owners has a side effect of discounting and delegitimizing secession, disobedience, and rebellion in general.

It’s like saying Krishnamurti is not worth learning from anymore, after new information surfaced regarding how he used to treat his wife. Or Alan Watts can be safely ignored because he was a bad father and an alcoholic. And it’s bad form to be like that nowadays.

Discrediting ancestors in light of current (albeit correct, just, and proper) realizations stinks. Here’s the media’s mechanics: You focus on what needs to be torn down, you don’t mention anything good about what you’re about to tear down, then you tear the statue down and transmit a revised narrative, thereby hurting the feelings and identity of half a nation. Then you can just sit back and watch the results of the divisive havoc you fermented.

The losers of the civil war are still losing. The winners – never really felt safe since winning.

Ghosts of ancestors linger on the battlefield.”

God as Gangster, plus Hamster Wheels

For some time I have found truth in the assumption that the majority is always wrong. It got me on track to the question of parasites. All the majority religions posit a basically benevolent God or gods. What if this is not so? First let me call your attention to the astrological saying, As Above, So Below. No cause and effect in this concept, just a harmonic dance. Looked at another way, we could say As Below, So Above. Let me now  draw your attention to the vast array of parasites in this world. From viruses to wasps to humans we can see the strategy is an effective one.

Now consider this current duality platform for consciousness. Just as there inevitably exists sentient life elsewhere in the universe, so too must there be many platforms for consciousness to inhabit. The duality platform seems to me primitive, like an amusement park ride for seven year olds. Everything is basically one step forward, one step back. The deep and joyful relationship with a spouse is followed by deep grief upon their death. Sometimes it happens in reverse: fired from one job and then landing a better job. Day/night, male/female. good/bad all seem, looking back at whence they came, to have been derived from the first and primary twisting of Zero (or perhaps division of One by some reckoning). Triality and pentality, for instance, would be natural and subsequent possibilities. And then there are all the platforms we can’t imagine. So imagine that this particular platform of duality has a progenitor. Presume further that the progenitor can release the platform and remain unattached, or they can attach themselves to the platform in any number of manners.

Here in the world of duality we are subject to the rules of chance. Whether we bet on a coin turning up heads or tails, we can never do better than 50/50. In all ways the duality experience is a mixed bag. However, what if the progenitor wanted to have the upside experiences of duality, but avoid many or all of the downside? Like the owner of a gambling casino, this progenitor can tip the balance. Most people lose money when they visit a casino, while the casino brings in money every day. The gambling casino is an example of a human created parasitic strategy. What if this and other strategies in nature are reflections of the basic strategy of this platform’s progenitor? Imagine the progenitor experiencing almost entirely the upside of duality, while the lifeforms below all experience a little more downside than upside. A con basically, reflected in the upside-down world we inhabit, and created by a progenitor who has the mindset of a gangster, and presumably the life of a gangster. More than any other deity, the Hindu’s Krishna fits this role.

This is simply a suspicion of mine. However, the cycle of a minority holding the current truth while the majority hold a false truth (1) seems to hold in many ways. Eventually a minority truth enters the majority and becomes a false truth, and then a new minority begins holding the current truth. I’d like to add that when the majority embrace a former truth, a kernel of that truth remains alive, but the majority of the majority are oblivious to it, focusing instead on the aspects that are illusory and even harmful. We see this with traditional religions and the religion of science in their promotion of Progress. Progress is a kind of bait to keep the hamsters running in their exercise wheels. Like debt, progress always pays off down the road.

(1) Let me briefly offer an example of a powerful minority truth which, when transferred to the majority, became largely false. A Cesarean-section was performed in ancient Roman times to save a baby when the mother had died. The first written record of a C-section saving baby and mother dates from 1500 in Switzerland. Today C-sections are widespread and are very much a truth of the majority. While lives are still saved with this procedure its wider use is to accommodate doctor’s golf dates and the schedules of parents. Likely the procedure is considerably inferior to a natural birth in terms of the child’s long term health, and it certainly requires additional healing time for the mother.

Synchronicity in Action

The 30-year bonds printed their bear market bottom in early 2017 at 146.46: this is the birth date of the Last Trump (14.6.46): 46 = 3rd Temple. So the 46 is a code of destruction (also for US trasheries), as the 3rd Temple will exist only for a short period before it is destroyed. The decline from the all-time high in July 2016 was ~29.53 points: Saturn ruling the construction business and also Freemasonry has a period of revolution of 29.53 years. And the print all-time high was 177.6: 1776 = USA.   – newsletter

Emily Dickinson

Tell all the truth but tell it slant

By Emily Dickinson
Tell all the truth but tell it slant —
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth’s superb surprise
As Lightning to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind —

The Narrative

Excerpt: “There are endless narratives which bombard our senses and twist our perceptions. Understanding these narratives is important in that it provides us with the tools to determine truth and dissect the objective of such narratives. Narratives dominate our information inputs and prevent alternatives from being considered.

The purpose of a narrative, or more specifically – a strategic narrative, is the manufacture of human belief and thought for the purpose of controlled organization within the transformative process of evolution. Sounds complicated, right?”