Oil Shock Oct/Nov 2017?

“A possible date for the oil shock is around 10/31/2017 (unlikely 12/4/17 from the movie Equalizer), because of the passport expiration dates in movies. The 10/31/17 was announced in the movie Sea of Trees: the sea in the title could be a reference to the North Sea. A passport expiration date was used to forecast the importance of 8/24/15 (flash crash) – as the only market service on the planet. 8/24/15 was first announced in 2010 in the movie Inception and in 2014 in the movie Lucy(fer). Add these 2 film titles and you understand what happened on 8/24/15: inception of Lucifer. A human pregnancy needs about 40 weeks: 40 weeks after 8/24/15 Lucifer=Sadhana was born on 6/1/16 in Switzerland, during the opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel (around 11 a.m. local time). The only activation through a solar eclipse in the coming 30+ years is on 6/1/2030, which defines the height of her rulership, which begins in 2019 when the heifers are sacrificed in the 3rd Temple of Jerusalem.”  – newsletter

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