God as Gangster, plus Hamster Wheels

For some time I have found truth in the assumption that the majority is always wrong. It got me on track to the question of parasites. All the majority religions posit a basically benevolent God or gods. What if this is not so? First let me call your attention to the astrological saying, As Above, So Below. No cause and effect in this concept, just a harmonic dance. Looked at another way, we could say As Below, So Above. Let me now  draw your attention to the vast array of parasites in this world. From viruses to wasps to humans we can see the strategy is an effective one.

Now consider this current duality platform for consciousness. Just as there inevitably exists sentient life elsewhere in the universe, so too must there be many platforms for consciousness to inhabit. The duality platform seems to me primitive, like an amusement park ride for seven year olds. Everything is basically one step forward, one step back. The deep and joyful relationship with a spouse is followed by deep grief upon their death. Sometimes it happens in reverse: fired from one job and then landing a better job. Day/night, male/female. good/bad all seem, looking back at whence they came, to have been derived from the first and primary twisting of Zero (or perhaps division of One by some reckoning). Triality and pentality, for instance, would be natural and subsequent possibilities. And then there are all the platforms we can’t imagine. So imagine that this particular platform of duality has a progenitor. Presume further that the progenitor can release the platform and remain unattached, or they can attach themselves to the platform in any number of manners.

Here in the world of duality we are subject to the rules of chance. Whether we bet on a coin turning up heads or tails, we can never do better than 50/50. In all ways the duality experience is a mixed bag. However, what if the progenitor wanted to have the upside experiences of duality, but avoid many or all of the downside? Like the owner of a gambling casino, this progenitor can tip the balance. Most people lose money when they visit a casino, while the casino brings in money every day. The gambling casino is an example of a human created parasitic strategy. What if this and other strategies in nature are reflections of the basic strategy of this platform’s progenitor? Imagine the progenitor experiencing almost entirely the upside of duality, while the lifeforms below all experience a little more downside than upside. A con basically, reflected in the upside-down world we inhabit, and created by a progenitor who has the mindset of a gangster, and presumably the life of a gangster. More than any other deity, the Hindu’s Krishna fits this role.

This is simply a suspicion of mine. However, the cycle of a minority holding the current truth while the majority hold a false truth (1) seems to hold in many ways. Eventually a minority truth enters the majority and becomes a false truth, and then a new minority begins holding the current truth. I’d like to add that when the majority embrace a former truth, a kernel of that truth remains alive, but the majority of the majority are oblivious to it, focusing instead on the aspects that are illusory and even harmful. We see this with traditional religions and the religion of science in their promotion of Progress. Progress is a kind of bait to keep the hamsters running in their exercise wheels. Like debt, progress always pays off down the road.

(1) Let me briefly offer an example of a powerful minority truth which, when transferred to the majority, became largely false. A Cesarean-section was performed in ancient Roman times to save a baby when the mother had died. The first written record of a C-section saving baby and mother dates from 1500 in Switzerland. Today C-sections are widespread and are very much a truth of the majority. While lives are still saved with this procedure its wider use is to accommodate doctor’s golf dates and the schedules of parents. Likely the procedure is considerably inferior to a natural birth in terms of the child’s long term health, and it certainly requires additional healing time for the mother.

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