Discrediting Ancestors

Personally I haven’t seen a statue I like since the days of Bernini and Donatello.  Still, how is the removal of old statues not a form of book burning? The veneration of hate on the Left is a sure sign of societal engineering.  Below is from a blog to which I subscribe:

From Another Time, Daily Tzolkin Digest: “In recent US news, I’ve noticed a new trend. Confederate generals and leaders of the civil war are being summarily deposed. Venerated, pedestaled heroes of verse and song become racist, bigoted zeros worth forsaking and forgetting. Actual statues are being torn down in the south, like they did with Saddam in Baghdad.

In the wake of recent racial-related violence, I can understand and sympathize with the reaction. There’s a reactive need to tear down material things, like statues, and to shed new light on occluded sides of previously unquestioned historical figures. Would it be an overreaction to begin rewriting history books? Maybe burn some of the ones beyond redemption?

What is lost in the process? How old is the baby we’re hurrying to throw away with stale bath water?

It might be too soon to say, but to me it smells like writing off confederate leaders as mere racist, bigoted, slave owners has a side effect of discounting and delegitimizing secession, disobedience, and rebellion in general.

It’s like saying Krishnamurti is not worth learning from anymore, after new information surfaced regarding how he used to treat his wife. Or Alan Watts can be safely ignored because he was a bad father and an alcoholic. And it’s bad form to be like that nowadays.

Discrediting ancestors in light of current (albeit correct, just, and proper) realizations stinks. Here’s the media’s mechanics: You focus on what needs to be torn down, you don’t mention anything good about what you’re about to tear down, then you tear the statue down and transmit a revised narrative, thereby hurting the feelings and identity of half a nation. Then you can just sit back and watch the results of the divisive havoc you fermented.

The losers of the civil war are still losing. The winners – never really felt safe since winning.

Ghosts of ancestors linger on the battlefield.”


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