Luciferian Hypnosis

From illuminatiMatrix:

Religion has hypnotized the human race. We have been convinced we are lost sinners and in dire need of a saviour. This fear-based trauma tactic has deceived humanity for centuries.

It is imperative to explain the many forms religion manifests itself. Our hope is the insidious and conniving mindset of the luciferian hypnosis will be recognized. This involves examining the origin of the number system. The creation of astrological, numerological and scientific formulae are based on the multiples of 10 and 12. We were introduced to these in grade school as the 10 times table and the 12 times table.

When simplified, the number system is based on 1, 2 and 3. The number system manipulates 1 beam of light with the duality of 2 opposing characteristics – positive and negative – north and south – male and female. These characteristics along with others, form the duality of religion. A beam of light has 3 primary colours (red – yellow – blue), 3 primary shapes (a line – curve – angle), 3 primary parts to sound (volume – tone – rhythm).

The system that manipulates energy can easily manipulate humanity when enough methods of seduction (or enough wires of thought, which is energy, are coiled around us, as in an electromagnetic field) are introduced. These systems are derived (similar to the basic religious trinity idea – see home page), from the manipulation of a beam of light. The single beam of light is highly symbolic and immensely powerful to the luciferian egregore group mind.

Notice that the illustration on the light beam chart depicts the atom symbol. The three primary colours overlap in the centre forming a hexagon. The hexagon represents the light of the world and is seen as black. The black hexagon is the pupil of the eye, the all seeing eye, the illuminated knowledge used to manipulate humanity.

The HEXAGON is symbolically represented as BLACK when considering SUBTRACTIVE COLOUR MIXING. When considering ADDITIVE COLOUR MIXING the HEXAGON is WHITE. This is the very nature of the DUALITY BASED luciferian egregore THOUGHT PROCESS. The thought process creates the illusion of black and white, good and bad, and every opposing notion within the 3D plane.

Here the colour black symbolizes wisdom and truth. Applying the luciferian mindset, which is the THOUGHT PROCESS, to undivided black light, creates a rainbow of divided light. Black light becomes divided light when the luciferian entity manipulates light energy through the THOUGHT PROCESS and attaches any notion of form. Light energy is sexual generative energy. It requires the dual nature of the light and dark energy to inter-sect or to inter-course, producing the SECT ACT, or the SEX ACT, thereby pro-creating.

Sexual energy is observed within the magnetic and electrical fields we experience in varying degrees in the 3D illusion. The ultimate sexual ecstasy is experienced when we are liberated from the luciferian hypnotic trance state, and awareness of what’s transpiring in the 3D realm, and for that matter, what the 3D realm actually is. Through sex we try achieve the ecstasy only awareness can provide. We attempt to reconnect and reclaim the original PARADISE STATE using ineffective and deficient means of substitution within the sex act, that can achieve nothing more than physical gratification. Sexual gratification is delightful, and does not in anyway impede the reconnection process to our original WISDOM STATE. However, even though sex is a pleasure, it pales in comparison to the bliss of awareness of what is transpiring in this 3 dimensional illusory state.

The luciferian thought process conjures up light. As individual thought charactistics are applied the whole black light becomes divided appearing to separate male and female. In other words, this illusion manifests as male and female, dividing and disconnecting us from awareness of our wisdom state. The original male/female oneness does not manifest in energy atoms. The original male/female knowing had no physical form or no physical atom energy. We were purely WISDOM, we were, and still are, FORMLESS, and fully WISE. However, the luciferian mind conjured the human form and the human psyche, and used this illusion as the receiving dish for the THOUGHT PATTERNS they wished to extend to us, manifesting as a 3 dimensional reality, and in the process disconnecting who we really are, WISDOM and FORMLESS, from our ETERNAL PARADISE STATE.

Keep in mind as you consider these words. There is no such thing as TIME, and this process is just occurring NOW, even as I write. It wasn’t initiated centuries ago, or untold billions of years ago. Its occurring right now.

Luciferian thinking entities cannot directly cause awareness to become unaware. They must first create the atom (the first Atom and Eye), and thereafter create systems based on the atom, such as religion, science and magic. These manipulate humanity through a physical sexual experience, or an energy exchange, distracting our awareness from reality to the illusory images presented to us. This is the process called HYPNOSIS. Hypnosis is simple MISDIRECTION of REALITY. This is why the world systems are based on sex ritualism and sexual innuendo, though very pleasant, they are very distracting and disconnect us from our eternal wisdom state if we allow our awareness of this luciferian sex driven thought process to destroy our connection to wisdom and reality.

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