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“Here’s where Manik, a nawal I associate with sacredness, pilgrimage and initiation in general, meets me tonight:

To feel one with this world is not easy, to say the very least.

For years I’ve been reading and listening to Alan Watts (1-Imix). And he, in his genius and funny way, explains how the feeling of alienation towards the universe, into which you and I were born, is taken for granted to such an extent – it made ‘alienation’ transparent to us.

You and I grew up in, and we are living a movie called “In the beginning…” In this particular movie the universe is created, and like the universe, we are blessed creations. And the Creator commanded man – the essence of creation – to rule over and govern the rest of creation (including women, regretfully).

Like any other ruler, we alienate and feel superior to what we rule over (including people, regretfully).

And like any other ruler, we are scared of what we rule over.

As an aside, if Atheism is the movie you’re in, the discussion is void. Alienation towards the universe IS atheism. (Which doesn’t mean it’s not a swell movie to watch.)

However, the world is larger than the West, and there’s at least a couple more, completely different movies playing in other Theaters. The kind of movies which consider alienation more seriously.

For the better part of 5000 years, the Indians (some 1.3 billion strong) have been living a movie called “The universe is a stage, and we’re all on it.”

Sounds good! Ask any 20-30-year-old trekking up to Manali. You mean I’m an actor too? Much less alienation.

Around the same history timeline, but probably less so today, the Chinese’s (1.4 billion) movie title has been “The universe is natural, of itself – so”

– Now on VOD.

Here, human identity with nature is total, so alienation is the wrong way to go to begin with. It’s transparent, but the other way around. Alienation isn’t tolerated, so you don’t get to see it.

To feel one with this world means it’s OK that mosquitos are biting me now.”

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