#s, Trump and the 3rd Temple

The first explanation for the relative palladium strength is that it trades mainly like an industrial metal (as copper) and platinum more like a precious metal. That’s why only a PL investment exists, not in PD. However, this is not enough, e.g. PD has beaten copper by 20-30% since late 2016. The second factor is that the real strength began when the Last Trump was elected in early November 2016. The Donald was born on 14.6.46 with the double 46, the atomic number of palladium is 46: the 46 is the number of the construction of the 3rd Temple. The German researcher Dr. Werner Papke already wrote 15 years ago that the 3rd Temple will be built from 12/1/2018 on, so in late 2018/ early 2019 XPD could again profit.  –  newsletter

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