The Reformation of the Reformation

“In an article from the Guardian in 2014 a case against the Catholic Church was presented.  It talked about one specific priest who was convicted of genocide for his role in the massacre of the Tutsi.  But the article when on to state:

“It’s not an isolated case. After the genocide, a network of clergy and church organisations brought priests and nuns with blood on their hands in Rwanda to Europe and sheltered them. They included Father Athanase Seromba who ordered the bulldozing of his church with 2,000 Tutsis inside and had the survivors shot. Catholic monks helped him get to Italy, change his name and become a parish priest in Florence.”

“After Seromba was exposed, the international tribunal’s chief prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, accused the Vatican of obstructing his extradition to face trial. The Holy See told her the priest was “doing good works” in Italy. Another Rwanda priest taken on in Italy is facing charges of overseeing the massacre of disabled Tutsi children.

“The Vatican’s reluctance to confront the murderers in its midst is rooted in its refusal to face up to the church’s complicity in mass murder. But as Rwanda marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide, the time has come for Pope Francis to follow his own lead on paedophile priests and apologise for the part played by the clergy in turning churches into extermination centres. The Vatican should accompany a plea for forgiveness with a calling to account of priests complicit in the killing.”

There’s even more when one does a simple search.  The case against the Church and its involvement and support of the Rwandan massacre is so extensive that they had to force an apology in early 2017.  Most mainstream articles go out of their way to explain how there were no clear lines dividing the Tutsi and Hutu along Catholic or Protestant divisions.  This is false and propaganda meant to keep the truth hidden from us.”

  • From JC Collins

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