Scripted Drama in Korea


But by 1998 it was apparent that he (Kim Jong-un) wasn’t learning much and failed to pass exams and make grades. Though good in math, all other subjects were reported with poor performance. Father Kim pulled his son from the private International School of Bern and Jong-un was placed in the public German speaking Liebefeld-Steinhoelzle school, where he remained until returning to North Korea sometime between 2000 and 2002, though some reports suggest he may have stayed in Switzerland until 2007.

Classmates and friends of Kim Jong-un described the young future leader as not being able to speak English well, couldn’t pass exams, obsessed with basketball and video games, a second tier student, always needed extra help with every subject but math, and was even caught with a bondage pornographic magazine in his school bag, even though he showed very little interest in girls. One classmate said that he could easily have been called “Dim Jong-un” based on his overall performance and moral predisposition.

From all of this Kim Jong-un would return to North Korea, attend a military university, and ascend to the highest position of power in the state.

Everything about Kim Jong-un smacks of a deep state operative and weak-minded human being who could be easily manipulated and controlled with material rewards. There is of course no silver bullet of proof, but the trend and characteristics of the behavior of Kim Jong-un would strongly suggest that he was compromised while in Switzerland, and assisted the Anglo-American deep state in gaining control over North Korea.

The assassination of his brother Kim Jong-nam this past February in a Malaysian airport is suspect. It happened after Donald Trump took over the White House in America and began to wage internal war against the Anglo-American deep state. Jong-nam, though the eldest, was never considered for power by the deep state, as he wasn’t as controllable as Kim Jong-un. It is possible that Kim Jong-nam had to be removed before the current nuclear drama could unfold.  – JC Collins

What a putz:

Surveillance Without Warrant

Tiernan Ray ascribes most of Google, Amazon, and Facebook’s “stock market leadership to their ability to create and supply digital gadgets and service” (“Breaking Up Tech”, cover story, Oct 21).  This statement ignores a more basic business practice of these companies (and others): to collect and monetize user information – emails and addresses, searches, purchases, friends and networks, web-browsing habits, and more.  This data collection, integration, analysis and selling allows marketing and targeting by any purchaser, but also enables surveillance without warrant by our government through the National Security Agency, which operates without judicial or legislative constraint, and against which neither we nor Google, Amazon, and Facebook have any recourse or form of redress.  – Jackie Button, letter to the editor at Barrons

From the Bad Cop to the Bad Real

If you wear glasses you know well the optometrist routine of changing lenses in front of one eye and saying “1 or 2?” and then, flipping  a lever or two, “2 or 3?”.  This process is used to funnel the wearer of glasses into a prescription that works.  We have a similar process with US presidents.  It’s not just the tenure of the president that influences society, but also the contrast between presidencies.  This leaped out at me when we moved from Bush Jr. to Obama. It was clear to me that Bush was the bad cop, yelling and smacking us perps in the head.  Then along comes Obama, a cop with a can of Coka Cola in his hand.  It was the old good cop/bad cop routine, with the clear intention that we prefer the good cop.

The next step is interesting.  We have to leave the old contrast behind and see what the defining difference between Obama and Trump really is, and we have to ask ourselves which one they want us to choose.  Obama strikes me as the really, really good fake.  He leaves cardboard politicians like Hillary in the dust when it comes to being good at being fake.  He is followed by Trump, who I define as the really bad real.  He is real in a way no previous politician has been real. And he is real in the manner of dysfunction and warts and all manner of things most of us dislike.  And the contrast between the two plays to every bad decision Americans have made over the past hundred years.  Here we have not two types of cops but rather opposite opposites.  One is fake and one is real, but it’s topsy turvy because the real one is a bad form of real, while the fake one is a good fake.  So, once again we are intended to choose Obama.  The commonality here is the can of Coke.  It’s the perfect metaphor for Obama and the means for him having the adjective good (good cop, good fake) applied in his contrast to both the preceding administration and the subsequent administration.  So, is Obama the first leader of the upcoming global government?  We’ll see.

The Big Get Bigger

Excerpt: Because we’ve all lived through back-to-back massive worldwide hardware revolutions — the growth of the Internet, and the adoption of smartphones — we erroneously assume another one is around the corner, and once again, a few kids in a garage can write a little software to take advantage of it.

But there is no such revolution en route. The web has been occupied and colonized by big business; everyone already has a smartphone, and big companies dominate the App Store; and, most of all, today’s new technologies are complicated, expensive, and favor organizations that have huge amounts of scale and capital already.

After the end of the startup era

Robert Aickman’s Words

“They go,” he said, “because they have reached their limit.  For men and women there is to everything a limit, beyond which further striving, further thought, leads only to regression.  And this is true even though most men and women never set out at all; possibly are not capable of setting out.  For those who do set out, the limit varies from individual to individual, and cannot be foreseen.  Few ever reach it.  Those who do reach it are, I suspect, those who go off into the further forest.”

Margaret’s eyes were shining.  “I know that you are right,” she cried.  “It is something I have long known, without finding the words.”

“We all know it,” said the Colonel. “And we all fear it.  Because beyond our limit is nothing.  It is a little like the Italian parable of the onion: skin after skin comes away, until in the end there is nothing – nothing but a perfume that lingers a little, as the dead linger here a little after death, perfuming the air, and then are gone.”

Excerpted from “Into the Wood”, Aickman’s 1968 short story

Level Every Mountain, Fill In Every Sea

“In Historic Shift, Boy Scouts Will Accept Girls” – NY Times

Shortly after I finished high school I learned that all gym classes had become co-ed.  This was around 1975 or 76.  Upon learning this my thoughts turned to the poor schmucks who were always the last picked for teams.  They were usually very skinny or very fat  and were always bereft of athletic talent.  With co-ed gym class these same rejects would be singled out not just in front of their male classmates, but also in front of their prospective dates.  Teenagers need a break from gender consciousness.  Sports, gym class and other single gender gatherings affords this.  But then this wouldn’t be upside-down land if gender relations were sensible.

The Hindus identify this age as the age of Kali, and it is signified by the metal iron.  This could reflect all the military hardware fashioned from iron; surely the US military machine is a lasting symbol for this age, but there is also reason to view this as an age of irony.  We find irony in government programs such as the war on drugs and the war on poverty, and in their illegal invasion and occupation of countries which are identified as liberation in the press.  So why not a Boy Scouts of America with girl scouts?

Excerpt on the Middle East

“The alliance between Russia, which is Orthodox Christianity, and the Persian and Shiite interests, have carried forward into the modern world. Whole peoples and regions are used as pawns in the great game of conquest between the World Adversarial Force and the right-minded alliance of accountability and self-realization which operate under the double-headed eagle.

The ongoing voting and discussions about Kurdish independence is being widely supported in the West. Just Goggle “Kurdish independence” and you will see an endless parade of articles written by Western Anglo-American interests applauding the idea. But why is this so? The Kurdish people have been used and betrayed by Western interests for decades. Are we to believe that it is now a coincidence that Kurdish independence is being supported as the ISIS strategy falls apart across the region?

Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi and Iranian forces, supported by Russia, are building up a stronger military presence around the Kurdish dominated area. The reason for this should be obvious. The Crown Beast adversarial forces have been forced to retreat from the wider region and are now looking at establishing a new beachhead with a Kurdish state. This will be a state with a Western backed government which will allow and encourage Anglo-American military bases to be located. The pretext of defending themselves against foreign attack will serve the purpose.”  – JC Collins

The Oh So Modern Police Force

The appearance of the Victorian Age witnessed the rise of the municipal  police force.  Today’s city dwellers would be shocked at the active response of high- and low-born Victorians alike when witnessing a crime; we have become inured to the outsourcing of our security.  As the police force expanded at an even greater rate than the population of London, many questions were raised and debated.  It was noted how often former police became criminals and visa versa.  The grand question bandied about was that of the self serving nature of the municipal police as an institution.  If the police succeeded in their task of eliminating crime, wouldn’t that mean an end to the police themselves? Today we question our loss of privacy, and some question the invasiveness of income tax, but who even realizes that the municipal police force is a new and unprecedented concept?