Excerpt on the Middle East

“The alliance between Russia, which is Orthodox Christianity, and the Persian and Shiite interests, have carried forward into the modern world. Whole peoples and regions are used as pawns in the great game of conquest between the World Adversarial Force and the right-minded alliance of accountability and self-realization which operate under the double-headed eagle.

The ongoing voting and discussions about Kurdish independence is being widely supported in the West. Just Goggle “Kurdish independence” and you will see an endless parade of articles written by Western Anglo-American interests applauding the idea. But why is this so? The Kurdish people have been used and betrayed by Western interests for decades. Are we to believe that it is now a coincidence that Kurdish independence is being supported as the ISIS strategy falls apart across the region?

Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi and Iranian forces, supported by Russia, are building up a stronger military presence around the Kurdish dominated area. The reason for this should be obvious. The Crown Beast adversarial forces have been forced to retreat from the wider region and are now looking at establishing a new beachhead with a Kurdish state. This will be a state with a Western backed government which will allow and encourage Anglo-American military bases to be located. The pretext of defending themselves against foreign attack will serve the purpose.”  – JC Collins

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