Level Every Mountain, Fill In Every Sea

“In Historic Shift, Boy Scouts Will Accept Girls” – NY Times

Shortly after I finished high school I learned that all gym classes had become co-ed.  This was around 1975 or 76.  Upon learning this my thoughts turned to the poor schmucks who were always the last picked for teams.  They were usually very skinny or very fat  and were always bereft of athletic talent.  With co-ed gym class these same rejects would be singled out not just in front of their male classmates, but also in front of their prospective dates.  Teenagers need a break from gender consciousness.  Sports, gym class and other single gender gatherings affords this.  But then this wouldn’t be upside-down land if gender relations were sensible.

The Hindus identify this age as the age of Kali, and it is signified by the metal iron.  This could reflect all the military hardware fashioned from iron; surely the US military machine is a lasting symbol for this age, but there is also reason to view this as an age of irony.  We find irony in government programs such as the war on drugs and the war on poverty, and in their illegal invasion and occupation of countries which are identified as liberation in the press.  So why not a Boy Scouts of America with girl scouts?

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