From the Bad Cop to the Bad Real

If you wear glasses you know well the optometrist routine of changing lenses in front of one eye and saying “1 or 2?” and then, flipping  a lever or two, “2 or 3?”.  This process is used to funnel the wearer of glasses into a prescription that works.  We have a similar process with US presidents.  It’s not just the tenure of the president that influences society, but also the contrast between presidencies.  This leaped out at me when we moved from Bush Jr. to Obama. It was clear to me that Bush was the bad cop, yelling and smacking us perps in the head.  Then along comes Obama, a cop with a can of Coka Cola in his hand.  It was the old good cop/bad cop routine, with the clear intention that we prefer the good cop.

The next step is interesting.  We have to leave the old contrast behind and see what the defining difference between Obama and Trump really is, and we have to ask ourselves which one they want us to choose.  Obama strikes me as the really, really good fake.  He leaves cardboard politicians like Hillary in the dust when it comes to being good at being fake.  He is followed by Trump, who I define as the really bad real.  He is real in a way no previous politician has been real. And he is real in the manner of dysfunction and warts and all manner of things most of us dislike.  And the contrast between the two plays to every bad decision Americans have made over the past hundred years.  Here we have not two types of cops but rather opposite opposites.  One is fake and one is real, but it’s topsy turvy because the real one is a bad form of real, while the fake one is a good fake.  So, once again we are intended to choose Obama.  The commonality here is the can of Coke.  It’s the perfect metaphor for Obama and the means for him having the adjective good (good cop, good fake) applied in his contrast to both the preceding administration and the subsequent administration.  So, is Obama the first leader of the upcoming global government?  We’ll see.

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