Scripted Drama in Korea


But by 1998 it was apparent that he (Kim Jong-un) wasn’t learning much and failed to pass exams and make grades. Though good in math, all other subjects were reported with poor performance. Father Kim pulled his son from the private International School of Bern and Jong-un was placed in the public German speaking Liebefeld-Steinhoelzle school, where he remained until returning to North Korea sometime between 2000 and 2002, though some reports suggest he may have stayed in Switzerland until 2007.

Classmates and friends of Kim Jong-un described the young future leader as not being able to speak English well, couldn’t pass exams, obsessed with basketball and video games, a second tier student, always needed extra help with every subject but math, and was even caught with a bondage pornographic magazine in his school bag, even though he showed very little interest in girls. One classmate said that he could easily have been called “Dim Jong-un” based on his overall performance and moral predisposition.

From all of this Kim Jong-un would return to North Korea, attend a military university, and ascend to the highest position of power in the state.

Everything about Kim Jong-un smacks of a deep state operative and weak-minded human being who could be easily manipulated and controlled with material rewards. There is of course no silver bullet of proof, but the trend and characteristics of the behavior of Kim Jong-un would strongly suggest that he was compromised while in Switzerland, and assisted the Anglo-American deep state in gaining control over North Korea.

The assassination of his brother Kim Jong-nam this past February in a Malaysian airport is suspect. It happened after Donald Trump took over the White House in America and began to wage internal war against the Anglo-American deep state. Jong-nam, though the eldest, was never considered for power by the deep state, as he wasn’t as controllable as Kim Jong-un. It is possible that Kim Jong-nam had to be removed before the current nuclear drama could unfold.  – JC Collins

What a putz:

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