Our Primary Adversaries

Companies have become the prime ‘entities’ in what was once our world.

…….And we wake up to find ourselves subsumed into a retrograde process!

The ‘real’ entities now, are corporations. Theirs is a simple life; Their prime directive is to feed and get bigger. They seek to destroy or absorb competing entities. That is all! Any other pseudo motivations are a gloss; A sheen to beguile us, the people who feed them. People who would ordinarily be repulsed by such a base nature.
We, as individual feeders and enablers of these entities, only have the power to save ourselves, but en-masse we can be dragon slayers. The entities should be rightly afraid; We cannot take them on ‘toe to toe’, but we can starve them!

These ‘amoeboid’ entities have become cunning; They know their ‘life’ is tenuous. They dare not risk a lifting of the veil; Direct contact with their feeders!
Vast and elaborate ‘glittery-buffer-edifices’ have been erected. The go-between zone where the communication takes place!

Certain engaging, entertaining and persuasive feeders may find themselves plucked from the pool and set up in this glitzy intermediary land.
They are only free to stay there, as long as they are useful to the process though.
We ordinary feeders are blissfully unaware of the entity’s ‘teeth and claws’. Those elevated to the land of glitz and glamour are sadly, not as fortunate!

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