“New” Thoughts are not Our Own

I wrote the following on a friends blog:

“I have moved into a new, entirely cynical place and these Gnostics seem to be a rare, albeit tangential, confirmation of my new world view. Inverting As Above, So Below to read As Below, So Above, I observe that the only strategy that thrives in the Duality platform for consciousness is that of parasitism. Whether governments, corporations, gambling casinos, wasps, fleas, viruses or whatever, parasitism supersedes all other strategies. Surely this is because the progenitor of this platform is using just such a strategy. Imagine the progenitor as the ultimate casino owner. While everyone here suffers 55% of the downside of duality and only 45% of the upside, the progenitor has devised it such that it suffers zero, or nearly zero % of the downside and all the upside. Imagine the Hindu’s Krishna as the template. Positing a superior, “good” God hovering invisibly behind the bad progenitor is the vestigial remains of faith and hope. Our need to just say no to multi-national corporations is a mere reflection of our need to just say no to the progenitor parasite who created this rigged game. But talk about insinuating itself, the system is devised to create an endless sine wave of desire that keeps almost everyone in line.”

He had introduced me to the gnostics, the cathars and the Albigenses.  What a great example of how our thoughts are not our own.  “My” thoughts, of living in upside-down land and its creation by a gangster like progenitor, were echoed 800 years ago in people who called this the land of topsy-turvy.  Like me, they shunned animal meat except seafood.  Nothing is ever new.

Just as anyone looking at the plethora of stars and galaxies cannot but conclude that we are not the only sentient beings in the universe, so too can we assume that we are a creation of a creation of a creation to the nth power. I am reminded of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s assertion that the only reasonable way to predict the lifespan of a technology is to assume that it is halfway over. The chances that ours is the first creation are infinitesimally small.

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