Real Treason

Leveling a charge of treason these days is akin to worshiping at an altar devoted to Zeus.  That bird has flown.  It is an illusory trick of memory to imagine that the nation remains a tangible entity.  It wasn’t that long ago that it was born; certainly it’s there in the history books.  Afterwards it sustained itself and then, sometime in the 20th century, multi-national corporations superseded it.  It could also be argued that before that, no later than the 19th century,  the cryptocracies that pulled the levers behind the curtain had stepped completely outside of nationalism.  In any event, the nation is dead today, and those who think in terms of national treason are walking anachronisms.

Yet these are treasonous times.  I am speaking now of species treason.  I speak particularly to the betrayal of the Earth and all of Humanity.  The cryptocracy has always had material resources, but by the 20th century they experienced a windfall.  Non-terrestrials, entirely adversarial to Humans, cut deals with the cryptocracy.  The Earth and its inhabitants were handed over on a golden platter in exchange for baubles.

This is the real treason of our times.  One result is sophisticated social engineering, where damning shouts of national treason are the result of feints within feints within feints.  Similarly, we are hosts to parasites who are hosts to parasites who are hosts to parasites.  The treason label does not stop with the cryptocracy.  In this universe everything living must consume the formerly living to survive.  In this universe, where survival is mostly rather easy, thriving is an exceptional experience.  The only strategy that can result in thriving is that of the parasite.  Treason, in the neo-Darwininian sense, trumps all else; it is the parasite in action.

Proof I am surrounded by idiots

From Simon Black:

December 18, 2017
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

In a poll conducted a few days ago by NBC News / Wall Street Journal, a record 57% of Americans responded that they want MORE government in their lives, and that the government should be doing more to solve people’s problems.

That’s the highest percentage since they started asking this question in 1995.

In fact, 57% is nearly double what people responded in the mid-90s.

Furthermore, the number of Americans who feel the opposite, i.e. responded that the government is doing too many things that should be left to private businesses and individuals, fell to a near record-low 39%.  

Bottom line: people want more government.

It’s hard to even know where to begin with this.

First- more government is nearly an impossibility.

As I’ve written several times in the past, the US federal government already spends almost all of its tax revenue on mandatory entitlements like Social Security, and interest on the debt.

They could literally cut nearly everything we think of as government– national parks, Homeland Security, even the IRS– and still not make a dent in paying down the national debt.

According to the US government’s own financial statements, their net operating loss in 2016 was an unbelievable $1.05 TRILLION.

Think about that– they lost more than a trillion dollars in a completely unremarkable year.

They weren’t waging world war, funding a major infrastructure project, or dealing with an economic crisis.

It was just business as usual. And they STILL lost over a trillion dollars.

More government is going to cost even more money that they don’t have… which means even more debt and even more pain in the future.

The usual refrain is to pay for more government programs by raising taxes on the rich, or big corporations, or whoever the evil villain du jour is.

Anyone who thinks this actually works needs to study history.


I wish every Bernie Sanders voter could understand this very simple fact:

Since the end of World War II, US federal government tax revenue as a percentage of GDP has been nearly constant at 17%.

In other words, while the actual dollar amount of tax revenue goes up every year due to inflation and economic expansion, the government’s slice of the total economic pie is 17%.

Yet during the previous eight decades, actual -tax rates- have been all over the board– sometimes rates were higher, sometimes rates were lower.

Back in 1963, for example, the highest marginal tax rate on individuals exceeded an unbelievable 90%.

I’m sure there are plenty of Americans who would love to see the wealthiest citizens paying 90% again.

Yet in 1963, even with rates that high, the total amount of tax revenue that the US government collected was 16.7% of GDP.

In 1988 when the highest tax rate was slashed to just 28% under Ronald Reagan, total tax revenue 17.3% of GDP.
It doesn’t matter if tax rates were high or low– the actual tax revenue that the government collects stays constant at around 17% of GDP.

This raises a point that these socialists never seem to understand:

If the government’s slice of the pie never seems to change no matter how high or how low tax rates are, shouldn’t they focus on making the pie bigger?


And it seems intuitive that higher taxes obstruct economic growth (i.e. make the pie smaller) because there’s less money in people’s pockets to spend and invest.

Then, of course, we have to touch on the issue of competence.

It’s absurd to want a government that has a nearly interminable track record of overreach, waste, and failure, to be even MORE involved in people’s lives.

We’re talking about the same institution that wastes taxpayer money to study monkeys on treadmills…

… or spent $1 billion to destroy $16 billion worth of perfectly good ammunition…

… or $2 billion to build a website.
It’s extraordinary that these people are already in charge of educating our children, regulating our savings, and now our medical care.

It’s even more appalling that given such dismal performance people want more.

As the old saying goes, the classic definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

A final point I’ll mention is that it’s concerning to see people in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave expect the government to solve their problems.

What ever happened to self-reliance? The pioneering spirit? Good ole’ American can-do ingenuity?

In truth there are countless ways for a motivated person to solve problems. Or at least to make forward progress.

For example, to all these kids that have their hands out demanding free university education, I always ask the same questions:

How many books did you read in the last twelve months?

How many FREE online courses from Harvard and MIT did you take?

Are you actually doing anything to help yourself? Or are you just whining on social media about how no one is giving you anything for free?

America was founded as a place where people take responsibility for themselves.

But this now seems to be an outdated, minority view.

The Land of the Free is truly becoming the Land of Getting Free Stuff.

Until tomorrow,

Simon Black


The Last Trump

From a newsletter:

On 12/6/17 the master officially announced that Jerusalem is recognized by the US as the Israeli capital. The Last Trump already mentioned that in the days before, at the 70th anniversary of UN resolution 181 (II) to establish Israel on 11/29/1947. By the way, it is also the 70th birthdate of Scrooge McDuck, the uncle of name twin Donald McDuck: Disney is an illuminati company with the 666 in the logo. The number 70 is of extraordinary importance for Israel, the 2nd Temple was destroyed in the year 70. In the ancient times the Israelites had to sacrifice 70 bulls to the reptilian god within 7 days. Note that the Last Trump was also 70 at this election victory: the number 70 represents the completion of perfection. We see a slow approach towards Jerusalem with each jubilee:

  1. 1917: Balfour Declaration (return to Israel promised), capture of Jerusalem by British troops and Russian revolution (first big victory of Zion).
  2. 1967: capture of Jerusalem by Israel in 6-Day-War on 6/6/67 (+/-1) with the 666
  3. 2017: Jerusalem now ‘full’ capital. This is the preparation to build the 3rd Temple announced on 7/26/15. At the turn of the millennium the German researcher Dr. Werner Papke calculated the date 12/1/2018 for the 3rd Temple to be built (start of construction), which looks more and more plausible. It makes sense that the Last Trump acted precisely one year before 12/1/2018: a pre-anniversary similar to 10/1/17 as a North Korea precursor for 10/1/18.

Automation and the Parasite

Automation itself is not the problem.  It’s the automation mindset that’s behind our adversarial relationship with corporations, institutions and government agencies.  It’s nothing new.  Think of how long ago we threw off the tribal tradition of having a wise elder bring judgements to disruptive or contentious behavior.  We now have laws, upon laws, upon laws, multiplying like the rats they are, all in the name of automating behavior correction.  Here’s a quote from a newsletter by JC Collins:

“The advancement of AI and robotics are on the verge of merging and emerging into something which will forever change the concepts of time and labor. The citizens of the future will be issued credits based on a host of personal key performance indicators. As an example, one person may have a genetic pre-disposition to a certain disease. Through the use of an integrated Blockchain technology, that person will be prevented from purchasing certain food and drink products which can aggravate their pre-disposition.”

Just as some technologies are non-adversarial, such as the wheel or fire, some automation is non-adversarial, such as the habit of brushing one’s teeth each morning or beginning the day with a cup of tea followed by meditation.  It’s when a person with an automation mindset is let loose to prey upon the rest of the population that problems arise.  This may be forcible automation, such as our legal system, or it may be elective automation, such as buying an i-phone or a self-driving car. The automation mindset sees efficiency and ease as paramount concerns.  It’s the reptilian brain doing its best to be pertinent in the frontal lobe age. But this is duality and we operate in a sea of polarities. For every up there is a down, for every step forward there is a step backward.  The automation mindset thinks that it can outwit nature and the universe, that they’ve discovered a loophole in nature’s laws.  But that’s pure illusion.  So called efficiency becomes reckless abandon and ease becomes burden.  The outcome is obvious if we just stand back a moment.

I am reminded of the the outcome for Yellowstone Park when all the PhDs descended upon it.  After becoming a national park the urge to manage it arose.  After close examination by our brightest minds it was decided that the park was fine except that the wolves had to go, and so they did.  In a relatively short time everything degraded.  The elk expanded without limit and ate all the baby aspen trees, causing a domino effect. Before long the entire ecosystem was ruined.  Decades later the wolves were brought back, but the lesson was ignored in every other way.

The automation mindset is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It is the reptilian brain interpreting the world as if it were the best new tool in the toolbox.  It is a charlatan, but a successful one.  What else can we expect from upside-down land?  Here survival is easy, but thriving is difficult – unless one chooses the strategy of the parasite.  The reptilian brain, in adopting the automation mindset, has chosen exactly that role.


Viewing Time as Cycle vs Time as a Linear Line

Excerpt from Another Time, Daily Tzolkin Digest:

“When you view time in cycles, balance becomes important. It is like playing rhythm section (e.g, bass and drums, piano, guitar). It is endless and beginning-less, it just goes on in circles, driving the music, providing background for the harmony and melody.

By a linear model of time there must always be a beginning, otherwise measurement and history is impossible. Human history began at one point, proceeded to stretch from Darwinian sub-human apes, through today’s global social networking hipsters, and onto tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence defense attorneys. It becomes very important when we began, how we evolved, and how we’re going to die.

Time becomes a tool by which history can be recorded and analysed.

Through this materialistic viewpoint, the Mayan Long count and it’s end date presented a real mystery. Here is a calendar, measuring a 5,000-long cycle of Earth years, abruptly coming to an end. Being impatient as they are, mysteries can only be tolerated if they are quickly resolved, and preferably without disturbing any comfort zones.

It was regarded as a prophecy. It became the day of judgement and the end of time. No one was really interested in what the actual Maya had to say about it, being their own heritage. How typical.

But if Terrence McKenna (3-Tijax) was right, history has already ended. It happened on December 21st, 2012.”

Full article here:

Corruption is Not Just Good, It’s Vital

When an old, dead tree falls to the forest floor and grubs and mold set to work on it we think this is nature at work.  Yet when the same corruption occurs in societal structures we imagine that it is evil, even unnatural.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When the maggots and mold tear down the structure of the dead tree they are freeing up resources for its progeny, now in full sunlight and just a few yards away.  We recognize the cycle and accept and even applaud it.  Human corruption is an identical process.  The poor, foolish people who have chosen to play the parts of maggots and mold deserve our pity, not our condemnation.  The first role this corruption plays is to slowly erode the mistaken belief that the former empire is still alive.

The presence of widespread corruption tells us that the empire is dead.  In order for the next empire to grow as fast as possible the first step is to disabuse the sleepy masses of the view that the old empire is still alive; they can’t support the up and coming new empire until they admit that the old one is history.  The masses are like our reptilian brain; they are fighting yesterday’s battles and have no true perception of reality.  Eventually corruption frees up the physical structure of the old empire for reuse by the new empire, but before that can happen the denizens of yesteryear’s empire must come to terms with all the stages of grief.  Only then can they get behind the nascent empire and allow real progress to be made.

Buckminster Fuller had this to say: “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”