Corruption is Not Just Good, It’s Vital

When an old, dead tree falls to the forest floor and grubs and mold set to work on it we think this is nature at work.  Yet when the same corruption occurs in societal structures we imagine that it is evil, even unnatural.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When the maggots and mold tear down the structure of the dead tree they are freeing up resources for its progeny, now in full sunlight and just a few yards away.  We recognize the cycle and accept and even applaud it.  Human corruption is an identical process.  The poor, foolish people who have chosen to play the parts of maggots and mold deserve our pity, not our condemnation.  The first role this corruption plays is to slowly erode the mistaken belief that the former empire is still alive.

The presence of widespread corruption tells us that the empire is dead.  In order for the next empire to grow as fast as possible the first step is to disabuse the sleepy masses of the view that the old empire is still alive; they can’t support the up and coming new empire until they admit that the old one is history.  The masses are like our reptilian brain; they are fighting yesterday’s battles and have no true perception of reality.  Eventually corruption frees up the physical structure of the old empire for reuse by the new empire, but before that can happen the denizens of yesteryear’s empire must come to terms with all the stages of grief.  Only then can they get behind the nascent empire and allow real progress to be made.

Buckminster Fuller had this to say: “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

One thought on “Corruption is Not Just Good, It’s Vital

  1. A very interesting angle to approach this from. It does make perfect sense. Decadence and corruption; A natural stage in the ongoing cyclical process of human endeavour.
    It is easy to forget that in this world, everything has a ‘life’; a period of growth, a period of stability and a period of decay. Our relatively short life spans can make us imagine that some things will last for ever! When we think of something on the scale of a civilisation; Then the decline of such a monumental, entwined and elaborate edifice has no option but to become a messy, bloody business.
    Does empire necessarily follow empire? Well it certainly seems to. We are at a loss; what else to create in this sandbox world? All eyes are raised up to this striving; The stuff of history.

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