Viewing Time as Cycle vs Time as a Linear Line

Excerpt from Another Time, Daily Tzolkin Digest:

“When you view time in cycles, balance becomes important. It is like playing rhythm section (e.g, bass and drums, piano, guitar). It is endless and beginning-less, it just goes on in circles, driving the music, providing background for the harmony and melody.

By a linear model of time there must always be a beginning, otherwise measurement and history is impossible. Human history began at one point, proceeded to stretch from Darwinian sub-human apes, through today’s global social networking hipsters, and onto tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence defense attorneys. It becomes very important when we began, how we evolved, and how we’re going to die.

Time becomes a tool by which history can be recorded and analysed.

Through this materialistic viewpoint, the Mayan Long count and it’s end date presented a real mystery. Here is a calendar, measuring a 5,000-long cycle of Earth years, abruptly coming to an end. Being impatient as they are, mysteries can only be tolerated if they are quickly resolved, and preferably without disturbing any comfort zones.

It was regarded as a prophecy. It became the day of judgement and the end of time. No one was really interested in what the actual Maya had to say about it, being their own heritage. How typical.

But if Terrence McKenna (3-Tijax) was right, history has already ended. It happened on December 21st, 2012.”

Full article here:

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