The Last Trump

From a newsletter:

On 12/6/17 the master officially announced that Jerusalem is recognized by the US as the Israeli capital. The Last Trump already mentioned that in the days before, at the 70th anniversary of UN resolution 181 (II) to establish Israel on 11/29/1947. By the way, it is also the 70th birthdate of Scrooge McDuck, the uncle of name twin Donald McDuck: Disney is an illuminati company with the 666 in the logo. The number 70 is of extraordinary importance for Israel, the 2nd Temple was destroyed in the year 70. In the ancient times the Israelites had to sacrifice 70 bulls to the reptilian god within 7 days. Note that the Last Trump was also 70 at this election victory: the number 70 represents the completion of perfection. We see a slow approach towards Jerusalem with each jubilee:

  1. 1917: Balfour Declaration (return to Israel promised), capture of Jerusalem by British troops and Russian revolution (first big victory of Zion).
  2. 1967: capture of Jerusalem by Israel in 6-Day-War on 6/6/67 (+/-1) with the 666
  3. 2017: Jerusalem now ‘full’ capital. This is the preparation to build the 3rd Temple announced on 7/26/15. At the turn of the millennium the German researcher Dr. Werner Papke calculated the date 12/1/2018 for the 3rd Temple to be built (start of construction), which looks more and more plausible. It makes sense that the Last Trump acted precisely one year before 12/1/2018: a pre-anniversary similar to 10/1/17 as a North Korea precursor for 10/1/18.

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