Real Treason

Leveling a charge of treason these days is akin to worshiping at an altar devoted to Zeus.  That bird has flown.  It is an illusory trick of memory to imagine that the nation remains a tangible entity.  It wasn’t that long ago that it was born; certainly it’s there in the history books.  Afterwards it sustained itself and then, sometime in the 20th century, multi-national corporations superseded it.  It could also be argued that before that, no later than the 19th century,  the cryptocracies that pulled the levers behind the curtain had stepped completely outside of nationalism.  In any event, the nation is dead today, and those who think in terms of national treason are walking anachronisms.

Yet these are treasonous times.  I am speaking now of species treason.  I speak particularly to the betrayal of the Earth and all of Humanity.  The cryptocracy has always had material resources, but by the 20th century they experienced a windfall.  Non-terrestrials, entirely adversarial to Humans, cut deals with the cryptocracy.  The Earth and its inhabitants were handed over on a golden platter in exchange for baubles.

This is the real treason of our times.  One result is sophisticated social engineering, where damning shouts of national treason are the result of feints within feints within feints.  Similarly, we are hosts to parasites who are hosts to parasites who are hosts to parasites.  The treason label does not stop with the cryptocracy.  In this universe everything living must consume the formerly living to survive.  In this universe, where survival is mostly rather easy, thriving is an exceptional experience.  The only strategy that can result in thriving is that of the parasite.  Treason, in the neo-Darwininian sense, trumps all else; it is the parasite in action.

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