Blockchain Technology Optimism

Excerpt from JC Collins:

“Nations, for as long as they even stay relevant themselves, will use a centralized version of blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Ripple XRP is one of these, which we covered in the previous post. But the de-centralized nature of the blockchain will ensure that governments will be unable to stop the peer-2-peer based technology.

Like the large dinosaurs who ate their food supply and eventually collapsed from being so heavy, or slowly starved to death, governments and national money will follow that same pattern.

There’s no needs to panic. There are still people, like myself, using snail mail. The overlap between both worlds will last for many years before the old simply just disappears quietly into the echo of the past.

The people of the future will not organize themselves around ideologies and centralized governance structures. The development of blockchain will have more of an impact on the existing world than the Gutenberg printing press did. Keep in mind that the printing press, and the non-Latin Bibles which were printed and distributed, fundamentally changed the control the Catholic Church had over the world, and directly led to the Protestant Reformation.

The central banking system developed as a response to the Reformation, and was used as a means to reclaim much of the wealth which the Church lost. Now we have blockchain technology which is making both central banks and ideological governments obsolete.

The disorganized masses are beginning to re-organize themselves around something new, which is presenting the old elites with a two front abstract war. Exciting. – JC”

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