Bad Food is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Diet is more than what ends up in our bellies.  It’s the air we take into our lungs, it’s the radiation permeating our bodies, the ideas that enter our minds and the feelings that enter our hearts.  One of the disconcerting developments of this century is a novel approach to music.  Pop music is, of itself, a rather pernicious influence.  More than ever it is firmly in the hands of accountants and lawyers, but it has always relied on sugary hooks to pull its fans in.  For many decades we were served up albums by pop and other musicians.  An album, of perhaps 30 to 60 minutes in length, offers an element of depth and sustenance that exceeds that of a single pop hit.  A person may have had a favorite song on an album, but they inevitably listened to the entirety of the album in which it was embedded.  Today people load up their music listening with almost nothing but their favorite singles.  Invariably these are sugar ridden ditties.  Listening to five or ten of these in succession is akin to eating several pastries or desserts at one sitting.  Of course more substantial music, say a symphony by Brahms or a string quartet by Beethoven, is more akin to a multi course meal of nourishing and culinary value, but even pop musicians create albums of greater depth and nourishment than any of their singles.  This concept, however, has gone by the wayside.  Even when music is released as an album, the new album may be listened to initially, but people quickly decide on the one or two singles that they love and listen to them over and over again along with other favorite singles.  The impact of this behavior on the heart and the mind is hard to estimate, but it cannot be good.

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