National Propaganda Radio

NPR is everywhere, and they do play classical music much of the time.  I ordinarily avoid the talking heads like the plague, but I caught a brief blurb from an announcer.  They were discussing the President’s state of the union message.  They said something to the effect of “Trump will address the divided nation tonight.”  What hit me was that this is virtually the same nation as was here two years ago.  How is it that we now have a divided nation but did not have one for the 8 years of the Obama presidency?  NPR is government funded and has a clear mission of social engineering.  This pointed anti-Trump framing of the state of the union address is an example of their liberal oriented social engineering mandate.

I would further suggest that they were pivotal in turning my liberal, anti-Vietnam war friends into supporters of the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. We are far beyond Orwell’s 1984.

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