The Salem Witch Trials are Now

I stumbled across an anti-anti-climate change post at Art News.  A trustee of the Natural History Museum (and generous contributor to the museum) has had her resignation demanded by, among others, the Revolting Lesbians, because she contributed money to so-called climate change deniers (article below).  I am reminded of the founder of the browser Firefox who contributed money to a group who supported a Proposition to outlaw gay marriage in California.  When this personal and private fact was made public he was unceremoniously dumped by the company he had founded.

The irony of these liberals is that they claim to be invested in diversity, but this is a ruse.  They are not in the least interested in real diversity or even real democracy.  They glom onto various minorities, e.g., immigrants, Muslims, genderless people, underdog races and ethnicities and, under the banner of diversity, use their support for these minorities to expand their power base.  Their attitude towards those who are truly different from them is identical to the witch-hunters of old and the McCarthyism of more recent history.  Those who spew rage and righteousness like confetti in a parade from hell are some of the most brainwashed people on the planet. Their actions are nothing less than a form of terrorism.

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