The Deep State Disease

From JC Collins:

Think of the Anglo-American deep state, and all its organs of banking and finance, socioeconomics, cultural engineering and propaganda, and academic institutions, as a disease which needs to be treated and extracted without killing the host. When analyzed through this lens we can begin to see that the extensive counter-strategies began years ago.

Think of it. Since the coup in Saudi Arabia, and the confiscation of hundreds of billions, funding has been cut off to North Korea, the Democratic National Congress is going broke, and numerous CIA black ops field offices have been abandoned and the human assets left to fend for themselves, as Russia, Syria, Turkey, and others, move into to mop up the mess left behind. It’s only a matter of time before economic propaganda organs, such as CNN, fully go broke and collapse inwards.

To be sure, the changed operational strategy in Afghanistan also means that the once lucrative opium fields will no longer be able to provide the large drug trafficking money to the Anglo-American establishment, like it has since the 1960s and 1970s. Trump and team have completely turned over the apple cart and are now driving the stake even further into the infection.

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