Ripple XRP, the Lumenati, and the Sinking of the Titanic

From JC Collins:

Blockchain – The Final Phase of the Protestant Reformation and Jesuit Counter-Reformation

The following statement was made by Father Joseph M. McShane, president of the Jesuit Fordham University, while giving a speech at a dual sponsored workshop, with IBM, on the Blockchain and its use.

We have a long and storied history in the drawing up of ciphers in order to ensure that the information that was flowing to Rome was safe and secure. If the Blockchain technology is new, the concept is ancient: how to build and support trust among different parties and how to protect information.”

The statement was a comparison between the Blockchain digital ledger system and the Jesuit’s use of ciphers in the 16th century to relay communication back to the Jesuit General in Rome. Such a secure communication system was a vital part of the Jesuit mandated Counter-Reformation, which was waged to reclaim wealth and land which the Catholic Church and Vatican had lost under the expansion of the Protestant Reformation.”

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